Our Scriptures, Verses and Psalms

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The Sophian Déanic Order of Kore Di-Jana (Janites) differs from other soul paths / traditions in our Scriptural perspective.

The Sophian Dèanic Order of Kore Di-Jana officially uses their “handwritten copy, by Madria (Mother Priestess) Olga Lotar of Ordo Rosa Madriana – Ekklesia Madriana, of the Creation Story and The Crystal Tablet.  The journal in which these documents are written is wrapped in a piece of silk, as it was sent to me (ArchMatrona Ghrian Rosenhearth Bonnie-Fire aka Serene Mother Ghrian) by her”. With other handwritten and typed documents.

We view the Myth of Creation and the Myth of the Divine Maid/ Daughter as sacred, inspiring stories which use various sources to speak of a perennial Mystery. The scriptures are based, in part, upon the Pelasgian Mythos, the Myth of Persephone and Demeter, the Christian Mysteries and the Passion mythos of Inanna, although I think most would agree that the goddess of sex and war is not a suitable Image/Form for the Most Pure Holy Daughter. These mythos were never meant to be taken literally. Rather, they are human stories which speak of a Sacred Cosmic Drama which takes place out of time.

The Sophian Déanic Order of Kore Di-Jana (Janites) differ from other soul paths / traditions:

Our sacred and ritual faith is based upon the pre-patriarchal Sophia Mythos.

We do not accept a literal passion and death of God the Daughter, rather, we believe this death to be symbolic of the suffering of Her descent into the lower realms similar to the suffering of the descent of pre-patriarchal Sophia.

We would also like to point out that the Janite community does not accept any notion of original sin or that we willfully ‘turned away’ from the Celestial Mother through our own moral fault. Rather, our Creed makes clear that we left Our Mother in order to gain knowledge. (And, to evolve our souls.) This was, in no way, any type of Original Sin. And so, when we read the Mythos, we must keep these points in mind.

While we accept the first part of Heart of Water, verses 1-31, and also 47-64; verses 32-46 were specifically written for certain households in the past. These verses have been misused in the past and have no place in our Faith.