The Deanic Ladies Community

2 Flora/17 May

Stelladi/Wed. (Star Day. Day of Madria Sofia.)

O, Madria Sofia, Jana of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us. May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


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‘Deanic Ladies’ – a private online community for Deanic ladies

Posted: 16 May 2017 07:43 AM PDT

Rosadi (Rose Day)
Day of Madria Vicka
1 Flora 2017 ACG
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Dear reader,
If you are a female devotee of Dea, you might be interested to learn that there is now a private online community for Deanic (including Filianic) women.
As ArchMadria Candra shared on her blog:

Madrina Dini has opened a wonderful google plus community, Deanic Ladies . This is not a discussion group such as we’ve had in the past, rather this is an actual online, private community for Deanic women. You do not have to have gmail in order to join nor do you have to be a member of the JOP.
However, where this is a private community, membership is by invitation only. If you are a Deanic or Filianic female and would like to request an invitation to join the community, please contact Madrina Dini at:

The community’s description reads:

Dear sisters in Dea, welcome to our community! Here are the basic guidelines and rules of etiquette for our community which we hope will find your acceptance conditional on joining the ‘Deanic Ladies’ community. First of all, this group is intended as a place of support and sharing for female devotees of Dea, who follow a Deanic Way of Life. This does not only mean to be Deanic, but also to wish to follow a feminine traditional way of living; which includes aiming towards a life of Beauty and Love, as well as aiming towards increasing in the Virtues which stream from the Holy Janati. We use the word ‘aim’ deliberately: to live truly as Deanic lady is an everyday endeavour, perfection of which being something we can only strive towards with little steps of improvement on the way by grace of Dea. This is not a ‘discussion group’ per se. Politics and religion, other than the greater Deanic Faith, are not being discussed here. We address everybody with their respective title in all posts and comments. (Abbreviations and symbols for titles may be used.) Courtesy, respect, gentleness, humility are fundamental qualities which will be expected for all posts and comments. ‘Deanic Ladies’ is independent of any specific branch or tradition of the greater Deanic Faith, and any female Deanic devotee is welcome. ‘Deanic Ladies’ is also an independent community and not connected to any groups, societies or communities – past or current – which adopt/ed Deanism/Filianism. Appreciation for and interest in specific cultures and languages may be shared here, however, we do not promote any specific culture – of any time or geography – as ‘ideal’. Moreover, we do not accept a general disregard for “Western” (European and North-American) geographical culture. Part of our Deanic Way of Life is to bring that which we hold as beautiful, holy, good and true into the here and now. As such, we aim to be torchbearers to bring the Light of the Mother – by grace of the Daughter – into the world we live in. Please be so kind as to read this article ‘Following our Lady’s teachings: a philosophy for life’ by the late Madria Olga Lotar. Our Lady bless us, our sisterhood, and this community.Yours in Dea,Madrina Dini(Prima Filia of the Janite Deanic Tradition & Janite Order of Priestesses; founder of ‘Pantheacraft – A Deanic Way of Life; admin of ‘Deanic Ladies’)

If you are interested to join, please send me a request at the above referenced email address (



Today is the first day of the lovely month of Flora.

In the month of Flora, we look forward to Floralia or the Feast of Flowers on 10 Flora/May 25. The Full Flower Moon will take place on 25 Flora/June 9. Flora is the last month in the Sacred Season of Spring and the ending of the Daughter half of the year.

Where East meets West

28 Maia/15 May



  Quan Yin, Mary, Sophia, Tara and Durga (the Mother Goddess of the Universe). These are Living Stream Images/Form of Dea from both the East and the West.

The Lotus of the East

The Water Lily of the West.

It’s interesting, the difference between the Eastern and Western spiritual mindset. I’m sure that many books have and will continue to be written upon the subject. But, perhaps, the most important point, is that very point where East and West are able to meet. Symbolic of that meeting point are the above Living Stream Images/Forms of the Divine Mother/Daughter: Quan Yin, Mary, Sophia, Tara and Durga. Indeed, Mary is known as the Quan Yin of the West, while conversely, Quan Yin is known as the Mary of the East. Many, including my former Reiki teacher, taught that Mary and Quan Yin are the same Divine Being.

I have experienced three of their devotional cults, that of Tara, Quan Yin and Mary and they have all left me with the same feeling: that of being most intimately Loved by my Mother; She Who never left my side.

 (The goddess Sunna, Daughter of the Goddess, Sol or the Sun Goddess of the West.)

 (The goddess Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess of the East.)

I have always appreciated Serene Mother Georgia’s astute observance of the fact that Dea presents Her Face to all of Her people in an image through which they may recognize as their Mother.

She and She alone, Our Divine Mother God, is the meeting point between East and West. Each have their mantras. Each have their rosaries. Each have their system of worship. And each appear in many images and under many names. For example, there are many forms of Tara, the Mother of all the Buddhas. There are many images of Quan Yin, She Who hears the cries of the World. There are many cultic apparitions of the Blessed Mary, She Who is the Mother of Mercy. (Remember that many in the Russian Church understood Her to be the incarnation of the Divine Sophia.)

 The Goddess Mawu by Lisa Iris.

Through-out tens of thousands of years, if not longer, each people had their own specific cultural image of the Great Mother; a Face through which they could recognize their own Mother.

For other Faces of the Mother, we may also look to the African Nations, the Latin Nations, the Native American tribes, the Inuit, the Aborignal Tribes and the Polynesians, the Arabians and the ancient Hebrews, indeed, you cannot point to anyplace on Earth where the Divine Mother was not worshiped in one form or the other, without interruption, until the onset of the Abrahamic religions.

And, I can’t help but think how these religions have, through-out the centuries, often used their Form/Idea of the Father God, as an excuse and as a tool for violence and war, believing that their Father God was the only True Form of the Father. On the other hand, there is no evidence of any devotional cults of the Divine Mother warring with each other over whose Form/Image of the Mother was right or wrong. Nor in the present. I don’t see any disagreement amongst those who worship the Divine Mother God as to Her identity. We all intuitively understand that She appears to Her children in an Image/Form that they may recognize and so, She appears in many diverse Forms.

While the Divine Mother is the True Meeting Point between East and West, the methods of worship, terminology, prayers, ritual, liturgy, feast days, thealogy and so forth are as far apart as, well, East and West! They are two hemispheres that when joined together, form the whole sphere. Together, they form the whole spectrum of worship.

Many of those who have had Near Death Experiences will state (as I have posted many times): religion does not matter to God. Religion is important to God because it is important to us. Religions are cultural institutions.

And so, we each, through-out the world, tend to see Deity through our own cultural lenses. And oftentimes, these cultural lenses are misunderstood or degraded by others not of our culture.

Janites consider themselves to be pan-European. This does not preclude the last 2,000 years of European history. We may not have had a Tara or a Durga, but we had Mary and the goddesses-turned-saints, especially St. Brighid.

We know that Mary was conflated with Isis/Diana and Sophia, Whom I call the Cosmic Mary.  Who can deny that She was treated as Divine through-out the millennia?

The image of Mary being crowned with twelve stars and the moon at Her feet has long been a traditional rendition of the Blessed Virgin Mary based upon Revelation in the Christian bible: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars” (12:1). This was attributed to Mary by the Church.

She is often depicted as crushing the snake with the heel of her foot. Stars also grace her dark blue mantle/cloak. The miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, shows Her being clothed with the sun, the moon at Her feet, Her mantle covered in stars. (This same is said about the Holy Daughter in our scriptures.)

The Woman crowned with stars, with the moon at her feet. The one we called Queen of Heaven.  She was always the Great One in disguise. She was veiled, but we knew Her, intuitively, yes, we knew Her. And as the Divine Sophia once told a seer, “When you prayed to Mary, you were praying to Me“.

The Madrians were very Marian-oriented. It is my understanding that some of the original Madrians came out of the Catholic Church. Back then, the Catholic Church was still very highly Marian-centered from Her magnificent shrines to the right of the altar, always graced with flowers and candles, to Her many feast days, public rosaries, public processions, coronation and novenas. Great cathedrals, which were magnificent works of art in stone, were built in Her honor. Countless parishes and numerous children were named after Her if not by the first name, often by the middle name. Those of us who have the middle name of Marie were named after the Blessed Mary. There was not a day that went by when a devout Catholic would not have prayed their rosary or have been seen without their Miraculous Medal.

It quickly became obvious to me that many of the feast days of the Holy Daughter, in the Deanic Faith, were based upon Marian feast days, as was the rosary, the coronation, praying to be protected beneath Her Mantle and so forth.

It was precisely because the Madrians seemed to have so much in common with Marian worship and imagery that I was initially drawn to the Faith. I immediately felt at home. I was overjoyed. I had found Dea, not as the human Mary of Nazareth, who, we were told was not Divine, but as Mother God, Herself.

The Cosmic Mary was the Western Image/Form of Her for the past 2,000 years. Pre-dating Mary, those of us in the West had our  Greek/Roman/Celtic/Germanic and Norse pre-Christian forms of the Divine Mother.

Moving on from imagery, another important aspect of the Western mindset is faith. I like this definition of faith from the Christian bible:

Hebrews 11:1: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Simply put, the biblical definition of faith is “trusting in something you cannot explicitly prove.” 

We sometimes call our religion the Faith. I’ve even heard Wicca referred to as ‘the Faith‘. This is because in Western Tradition, Faith also means a ‘religion’. A religion, any religion, requires a certain amount of faith.

There were Gnostics who derided the notion of faith. They taught that one must have gnosis in order to be saved. I agree that it is gnosis which leads to enlightenment, but before gnosis, one must have faith. Faith is always the beginning, the first step in any religion. Though there are those who have come to their spiritual beliefs through a most profound, otherwise-un-explainable experience, these doors to spirituality are rare.

Every single religion on this planet requires faith as well as knowledge. Every religion has its god/s and tenets that requires faith. You might believe in something because it is reasonable and makes sense to you, but if it is not something that has concrete evidence, then it still requires belief/faith on your part. You assent to believe in it, though there is no evidence. That is faith.

Belief: to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so

Belief and faith are pretty much the same thing. We cannot recite the Creed without first having the faith that it is true. Every time we say: I believe, we are saying: I have faith in…. So, faith is a large and important part of the Western mindset. 

The Western mindset also would include relating to the Janati through the Western cultural lens.

We, in the more Western forms of the Deanic religion, have a deeply personal and intimate relationship not only with the Divine Feminine Trinity, but also with the Janati. This stems from, well, I can only speak from Catholic and Orthodox Christian culture… (Western and Eastern forms of Christianity)… where the angels are revered. We prayed to them for help when we were in need. Each Archangel is the Patron of certain areas of specialty; each had their correspondences and there are so many tales of miracles! We wore their medals/amulets. We prayed their rosary chaplets (especially the chaplet of St. Michael.) We had a personal relationship with them.

We believed in the community of the saints… just as it does teach in our scriptures…we are all One Body in Dea, in Heaven and on Earth; although Janites will say, we are all One Soul in Dea.

And so, when we understand that the Janati are Streams of Dea in angelic form, and we are all part of the One Great Soul which includes the Janati. Why would we not have an intimate relationship with Them just as we have an intimate relationship with Dea? They are all One with Dea. They are part of the Communion of Ekklesia. In the liturgy, as in the original liturgy, we call upon the Janati to guard and witness our worship. Like Dea, They are always with us.

The Western goddesses in ancient times as well as modern were/are reverenced, revered; honored. They were worshiped, then and now, with hymns and incense, ritual and prayer. They had their own temples.  Why would the Janati be any different? For instance, the goddess Rhea, Whose name means flow; ease;,  was closely associated with the Great Mother Cybele. She was called the Great Mother, the Mother of the Gods and so forth. There were hymns in Her honor:


The Fumigation from Aromatics.
Daughter of great Protogonus, divine, illustrious Rhea, to my pray’r incline,
Who driv’st thy holy car with speed along, drawn by fierce lions, terrible and strong.
Mother of Jove [Zeus], whose mighty arm can wield th’ avenging bolt, and shake the dreadful shield.
Drum-beating, frantic, of a splendid mien, brass-sounding, honor’d, Saturn’s [Kronos’] blessed queen.
Thou joy’st in mountains and tumultuous fight, and mankind’s horrid howlings, thee delight.
War’s parent, mighty, of majestic frame, deceitful saviour, liberating dame.
Mother of Gods and men, from whom the earth [Gaia] and lofty heav’ns [Ouranos] derive their glorious birth;
Th’ ætherial gales, the deeply spreading sea goddess ærial form’d, proceed from thee.
Come, pleas’d with wand’rings, blessed and divine, with peace attended on our labours shine;
Bring rich abundance, and wherever found drive dire disease, to earth’s remotest bound.

People prayed to Her and revered Her. The Jana, Rhea, aka Sai Rhave, is modeled upon this Titaness. Why should She be different in our ability to approach Her?

Janites do not view the Janati as Transcendent Powers Who are so far away and above us, that They cannot be reached. Dea is Power, itself and yet, we are One with Her, intimately one with Her and so we may be intimate with Her Seven Powers/Faces. This, if I may be so bold as to state, is the Western way of worship.

Distance is an illusion. The Celestial Mother is here and now, right beyond the Veil, but She is too Bright for us to see. In the Western form of the Faith, we do not limit the Power of Dea nor that of the Janati. There are no limitations of time or distance for Them. They exist in the Eternal Now, outside of time, space and distance.

Just as the Mother loves us and cares for us, so the Janati love and care for us because They are She. And just as there have been many miracles from the Archangels, so many of us have experienced great help and yes, even miracles from praying to the Janati and asking for Their help. They are an important part of the daily lives of the Janite and Lucienne communities.

The Janite and Lucienne Traditions formed because there was a need for a more Westernized version of the Faith. To the Western mind, many Eastern concepts, phrases, etc., might be very hard to grasp. And for many, mixing East and West does not always work well for them.

This does not mean that the Western mind or spirituality is inferior; it simply means that oftentimes, we each understand best through our own cultural lenses. The Janite Tradition attempts to present the Faith through the cultural lens of the West.

The Lucienne Tradition attempts to present the Faith through the specific cultural lens of the pre-Christian Norse.

Those of us who worship the Divine Mother through our own Western cultural lens realize how rich and varied and magickal and mystical is our own pan-European Tradition. We have so much from which to draw…both from Marian/Sophian and Celtic Pagan/Norse Heathen Traditions. We value our Western Tradition. It is our history; it is our way and it is our culture. It is in our forests; it is in our music and it is in feasts. It is in our hearts; it is in our souls and it is in our subconscious.  It is an integral part of us. It is our Soul Path. It is what is right for us. The Eastern Soul Path is right for others.

Here is a very interesting article I just stumbled upon. I found the personal experience of the author especially worth noting:

Whether we approach the Deanic/Filianic religion from the West, from the East or from a blend of both, the Meeting Place always, always, most profoundly remains, Our Divine Mother and we, from both East and West, are Her Children of the Earth.


Eternal is the Light of the Mother.

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter. 

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother,

Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the Darkness.

Blessed is She.

It takes faith to recite this simple, yet most cosmically profound prayer. It implies belief. 

May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia





Bits and Pieces

28 Maia/15 May

It’s hard to believe that Maia has flown by so swiftly! And so much has been happening!


New Deanic Ladies online Community!

Madrina Dini has opened a wonderful google plus community, Deanic Ladies . This is not a discussion group such as we’ve had in the past, rather this is an actual online, private community for Deanic women. You do not have to have gmail in order to join nor do you have to be a member of the JOP.

However, where this is a private community, membership is by invitation only. If you are a Deanic or Filianic female and would like to request an invitation to join the community, please contact Madrina at: A permanent link may be found in our links section to the right.


Lady of Light Chantry:

Serene Mother Georgia has posted an article in response to my previous article on the Tarot. Her article points out the relation of the Tarot Suits to the Four Estates and Fifth (no estate) of the Realms (Social Orders) (see Tarot Suits and Compass Directions ). I find this a fascinating area of study and would like to learn more, myself. 

In the previous post on the LLC blog, Changes and Restorations, I was very excited to read about the Godmothers in the various Germanic fairy tales.


The Ancient Power of Mantra Chanting Validated by Modern Science:

This article not only validates the praying of mantras and rosaries (rosaries are a form of mantra prayer), but it proves that our words (as well as thoughts) are real for they are made of light and take subtle form.

What I especially found fascinating was the section on sound bubbles and the infrared light we produce when we speak. This immediately reminded me of the scriptures: 1. Thoughts of the mind neither pass away, nor vanish into air. 2. For every thought is a builder in the subtle world that lies about you. 3. Thoughts of beauty and of things of the Spirit refine and purify the soul, making her fair to look upon and graceful in her movements, 4. uniting her with the universal music of eternity and gathering about her the servants of the archangels. 5. But harsh thoughts harden the soul; coarse thoughts coarsen the soul; thoughts bound only to material things load the soul with heavy chains.

20) Forget not the power of words, for a word has all the power of a thought, and a thought has power to move the earth and the heavens. 21. Therefore do not speak evil in idleness, or fall into the custom of ill-speaking, but govern your words even as your actions. 22. Speak words of love and innocence, of mildness and of hope, and you shall weave a raiment of peace about your soul, and a veil of gentle light. 23. Speak prayers often, speak them in the rhythm of your steps, and attune them to the beating of your heart. From The Teachings of the Daughter, New Celestial Union Edition.,_New_Celestial_Union_Version.

(I love the hardcover edition which may be found on this page, see lower left):

It’s amazing how science is finally beginning to find out about our true nature, from the fact that there is an microscopic explosion of light at the moment of conception to how our words are light and radiate through-out the universe. How much more care, we, as Children of Dea, should take with the words and songs we send out into Her Cosmos. We are beings of Light and we will return to the Light.


Sorella Sophia’s Rosary Posts

Though Sorella Sophia has been having internet-related problems, I’m happy to see that she has been posting on Deanic rosaries. The LLC rosary is, of course, composed by Serene Mother Georgia and is a rosary offered by the Lady of Light Chantry. Sorella Sophia also has composed some seasonal rosaries of her own:

She has nicely placed all the rosaries on this page:


Flora: Tomorrow begins the lovely month of Flora. 

In the month of Flora, we look forward to Floralia or the Feast of Flowers on 10 Flora/May 25. The Full Flower Moon will take place on 25 Flora/June 9.


Last Call for Prayerbook submissions:

If you have composed Deanic/Filianic prayers that you would like to see included in the JOP prayer book, please submit them to Thank you!


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia.


Weekly Prayer List

28 Maia/May 15


O, Madria Candre, Jana of Reflection, Reason and Purity, be with us. May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


For the healing of Z,

For the healing of Christopher from cancer,

For the healing of Paul, 9,

For the health and strength of Gregg,

For the healing and correct diagnosis of Jim,

Dea, have mercy.

O, Most Holy Dea, Mother, Daughter and Great Mother, have mercy upon these, Your souls and may they attain mental, physical and spiritual health. May those who have passed beyond the Veil be assumed, through Your Holy Daughter, unto Perfect Union with You.  Through the Pure Stream of Your Grace, may all events unfold for their highest good and according to their True Soul Path.

Let us bless the Holy One,

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janati of Power,

Thanks be to the Seven Janati.

Great Moon


23 Maia/May 10



O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us. May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


Tonight is the Great Moon. Devotees and JOP members may serve the Right of Sacrifice (as found in the above menu). Don’t forget to add favorite rituals, moon-poems and special prayer or readings if you so desire. We have three nights after the Full Moon to serve the RoS.


On a personal note: have just moved into our new home and so things are a bit crazy right now. There will be a new post before the end of the week.


May Our Lady bless you,

Blessed is She.


ArchMadria Candra Sophia

Bits and Pieces of Interest to the JOP

15 Maia/May 2


 The Rose Personified.

O, Madria Vicka, Jana of Courage, Strength and Valor, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come. Blessed are You.


The above picture was taken from Flowers Personified as sent in by Sorella Shoshana: . Please take a moment to scroll through these charming pictures.


Our goal, as the JOP, is to train priestesses for the future of the Faith. When we first set out a few years back, the plan was to immediately form a legal church and start on the ground services. However, it became clear to me that I must set the foundations of our Tradition, first. This is the model the Gnostic Christians used, first they trained their priests who then went out to form parishes. But, not all priestesses wish to serve in public chapels or temples.This is why we have three Orders:

The Agoran priestesses will go out into the world. They will have on the ground, public chapels or temples.

The Hestian priestesses may choose whether or not to hold public liturgy, but they will still be involved in the world in some way, whether it is public teaching through blogs, publications, in person, or by holding public services, volunteering or other ministry.

The Iremian priestesses tend to be private priestesses and they will have certain areas of expertise, also.

Each Order also includes a sisterhood, which is open to all Deanic/Filianic women and each Order will have its own blog. Ideally, each Order will be headed by a Prima Sorella who is not either the Prima Madria or the Prima Filia unless there is no-one else to fill the position. 

Currently, with the Hestian Order, Madrina Dini has graciously offered to be the Prima Sorella of the Hestian Order until such time as a sister-member is interested in the position. Thank you, Madrina! She will be setting up an Hestian blog in the near future.

The new Iremian blog should be set up within a couple of weeks. Sorella Shoshana, Prima Sorella of the Iremian Order, has the following to offer regarding the overall nature of the Order:

The Iremian Order, as I have interpreted it, is about flawlessly blending in Deanic Spirituality with our regular lives. This is done through spiritual symbolism like flowers, colors, and shapes. Understanding the meanings of these and surrounding ourselves with them brings a spiritual air into our lives all the time.

It’s about appreciating the little things and remembering to thank Dea for them. The air we breathe during exercise or the water we use when doing dishes. The soil that grew our food or the very miracle of the food itself. The tree that provides us shade or the sun that sustains our life. Once we regularly begin to give thanks, we can start thinking about the deeper meanings and spiritual symbolism a of these every day things.It’s about the spiritual significance of beauty and bringing beauty into our every day lives. It’s about making things more feminine and pleasing.

It’s about living out the qualities of the Janati. 

Thank you, Sorella Shoshana. Lovely as always.