Tree Nuts of Wisdom + Apple Seeds of Life

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I have been researching and contemplating the Madrian tree correspondences of the Geniae/Janati/Janae. Fascinating facts about the hazel tree assigned to Titanide Metis: “The Hazel (Corylus avellana) is one of the very oldest British native trees.” [1] “In 1995, evidence of large-scale Mesolithic nut processing, some 9,000 years old, was found in a midden pit on the island of Colonsay in Scotland. The evidence consists of a large, shallow pit full of the remains of hundreds of thousands of burned hazelnut shells. Hazelnuts have been found on other Mesolithic sites, but rarely in such quantities or concentrated in one pit. The nuts were radiocarbon dated to 7720+/-110BP, which calibrates to circa 6000 BC. Similar sites in Britain are known only at Farnham in Surrey and Cass ny Hawin on the Isle of Man.” [2] “Hazel is monoecious, meaning that both male and female flowers are found on the same tree, although hazel flowers must be pollinated by pollen from other hazel trees. … once pollinated by wind, the female flowers develop into oval fruits, which hang in groups of one to four. They mature into a nut with a woody shell surrounded by a cup of leafy bracts (modified leaves).” [3]

“Interestingly, in modern times the hazelnut has proven itself to be a brain food. Pound for pound the hazelnut have [has] double the protein, and good fats than eggs, making them natural nourishment for brain function.” [4 & 5] These are known on the American continent as cobnuts.

Hazelnuts: 7 Benefits of These Heart-Healthy, Brain-Boosting Nuts


The birch family is a group of flowering plants of tree or shrub form that includes the birches (Betula), alders (Alnus), hornbeams (Carpinus), and hazels (Corylus). [5]

Sun – Theia (“face” of Bright/Celestial Mother: Mari Sophia) – Birch
Mercury – Metis (Wisdom is Celestial Mother & Her Holy Daughter) – Hazel
Saturn – Rhea (“face” of Dark as in mysterious/Great Mother: Mysteria Sige) – Alder
(no hornbeam)

Hail, Kyria Thea/Holy Lucia, Lamp of Illumination, Joy and Benevolence, be with us.

Hail, Kyria Metis/Holy Wisdom, Messenger of Intelligence, Intuition and Wisdom, be with us.

Hail, Kyria Rhea/Holy Constantia, Discipline of Steadfastness, Temperance and Self-control, be with us.*

I was therefore delighted to read ArchMadria Emeritus Pamela’s article “The Seeds of Life”.

Prima Madria Sophia

*Chants from ArchMatrona Ghrian of the Lady of Light Chantry
1st Madrian Kyria (Lady) Titanides name. 2nd Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia name.

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3 Samhain/Nov. 2

Day of Sai Sushuri, Fountain of Compassion, Love and Mercy.

Fall for Déanists, (those of the Déanic religion), is a time of Apples and the Cosmos, Seeds and Order, Harmony and Earth.

The Apple is the Sacred Symbol for Fall. And Fall is ruled over by Sai Thema, who is the Foundation of Justice, Order and Harmony, both Cosmic and Earthly. It is the Twilight Season, where seeds fall to the ground, preceding their long rest during the Midnight Season of Winter.

Apples have always figured greatly in myths, from the Apple of Eden (which was a gift, not a conveyor of the curse of original sin); to the apple given to the goddess, Hera as a sign of her fertility; to the apples of Avalon, they have had significant part impact on mythological lore. We find them in Greek, Christian, Nordic, Celtic and biblical myths, just to name a few.


The apples of Avalon, for example, were said to impart wisdom and immortality. Not only are apples a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, but they were also often associated with Paradise. They are an especial symbol of the Divine Feminine. (1)

 (Sophia by Pamela Matthews).

Gnosticism teaches that it was the Daughter of Sophia, Zoe-Eve who offered the Apple of Wisdom. The Apple of Her Mother containing the Seeds of Life.

Adam was the dramatic embodiment of psyche, or soul, while Eve stood for the pneuma, or spirit. Soul, to the Gnostics, meant the embodiment of the emotional and thinking functions of the personality, while spirit represented the human capacity for spiritual consciousness. The former was the lesser self (the ego of depth psychology), the latter the transcendental function, or the “higher self,” as it is sometimes known. Obviously, Eve, then, is by nature superior to Adam, rather than his inferior as implied by orthodoxy.

Sophia sent Zoe, Her daughter, who is called “Eve,” as an instructor in order that she might raise up Adam, in whom there is no spiritual soul so that those whom he could beget might also become vessels of light. When Eve saw her companion, who was so much like her, in his cast down condition she pitied him, and she exclaimed: “Adam, live! Rise up upon the earth!” Immediately her words produced a result for when Adam rose up, right away he opened his eyes. When he saw her, he said:  “You will be called ‘mother of the living’, because you are the one who gave me life.” (2)

Zoe also enters the serpent and offers the Apple of Wisdom.

In the Gnostic mythos, Zoe-Eve is the Divine Daughter come down to Earth. In this way, Zoe-Eve is truly our Soteria. Sent by Her Mother, She descends down through the realms. She brings us Her Mother’s Life. She shares with us Her Mother’s Wisdom. She offers to us Her Mother’s Knowledge. We do not have to be Gnostic or study all the Gnostic myths in order to believe in Zoe-Eve. She is a most appropriate Form/Image for the Holy Daughter. In Gnostic and other forms of Christianity, She is the Holy Daughter. As handed down from the Madrians, Eve’s secret Name has special significance for our priestesses during the Communion Rite of our liturgy.


The Roma refer to the five seeds which form the pentagram inside the apple as the Star of Knowledge. 

The pentagram, the microcosm for the human body. The point-up pentagram represents spirit ascending above matter while the point down represents spirit descending into matter. As a whole, it represents the interconnectedness of the Five Supernal Elements with human life. Unfortunately, over time, the pentagram, especially with the point down has come to represent evil and negative groups.

So, the Apple, within which are the seeds of the microcosmic human, represents the ‘womb’ of Life (Our Celestial Mother Mari). And it represents Our Divine Mother Herself, She Who, through Her Daughter, gives humans life (represented by Adam) and offers them Wisdom, Knowledge and the promise of Divine Life.

Seeds are amazing, when we really stop to think about them.  This occurs, in one way or another, throughout Nature. A small seed may grow into a mighty tree, a stunning flower of perfection or …a human being. A seed is a small embryonic plant enclosed in a covering called the seed coat, usually with some stored food. (Science Daily).Inside every seed are the basic parts of a fully formed plant: immature roots and tiny leaves curled up like a vegetal embryo. (Smithsonian). 

I never knew this. I never really stopped to think about what is actually inside a seed that sprouts forth such miracles of Nature. So, seeds are a tiny version of the plant, itself, along with some food for nourishment and a protective coating. Stunningly, some seeds have been known to still be viable after thousands of years! Mother Nature does her best to protect Life.


All is Life. Quantum science has shown that solid matter truly is an illusion. Life itself is a miracle. It is diverse. It is beautiful. It is strong. It is enduring. It survives against all odds.

Now scientists are finding out that some (if not many) seeds come to us from asteroids and space dust! Imagine that… some of the plants and even animal life on this planet may have come from other planets! Imagine, these seeds are still viable after travelling through the deep cold, the radiation-saturated vastness of space!

The Cosmos is breathtakingly beautiful and filled with Life! Many are coming to understand that the entire Cosmos is Alive. Put in your own search: is the Universe alive? or try Scientists think the universe is conscious and you will discover some very interesting articles!

Everything is living. How exciting when we look up at the stars and the planets knowing that everything is truly connected and one of the ways it is all connected is through the sharing of seeds, the carrier of life throughout the Cosmos.

The Apple of Wisdom is Our Heavenly Mother. She sends Her Holy Daughter to Earth with the seeds of Life through the Five Elements. The Holy Daughter carries the Divine Breath of Spirit to humanity and so brings us Life.

O, Dea, Apple of Wisdom, we adore you, we magnify you and we glorify you.

Blessed are You.



Weekly Prayer List, 3rd of Samhain

Columbadi, 3rd of Samhain


O, Agia Sushuri Grace, be with us.

If you or a loved one is in need of prayer, our contact info may be found at the end of this post.  You or your loved one will be remembered in prayer, our liturgy and during our Rite of Veneration.

We pray for:

For S., for employment

For R., for a successful job interview

For Gannett, that he may find employment for his highest good.

For Marshall, that he may receive healing, guidance and for his highest good.

For P.A., for a better employment situation.

For Matthew, that he can find an apartment.

For G, that he might find recovery and clear thinking.

For M, for peace and security.

For Jade, that he be protected from all false accusations.

For Jess, that she receives the help she needs.

For Aidan, for protection and for peace.

For M, for calm and for continual strength.

For M, for all that is needed.

For Brody and Brynn, for their constant protection.

For the continual blessing and protection of the Ekklesia of Déa

O, Most Holy Dea, Mother, Daughter and Great Mother, have mercy upon these, Your souls, and may they attain mental, physical and spiritual health. May those who have passed beyond the Veil be assumed, through Your Holy Daughter, unto Perfect Union with You. Through the Pure Stream of Your Grace, may all events unfold for their highest good and according to their True Soul Path. Amadéa.

Let us bless the Holy One,

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janae of Power,

Thanks be to the Seven Janae.

(For additions either first name or initial for yourself (anonymous if you wish) or others, pets included please email Madria (Mother Priest) Sophia at

Full Moon prayer to Sophia our Déa as a full moon rising copyright of Pastor Stacy – Herchurch

Sophia our Déa,*
As a full moon rising,
You unveil your vision of love
for the universe
and work within us
to bring about your healing purposes.

Sophia our Déa,*
As a full moon rising,
give us the wisdom to understand
that your justice exceeds
even our best intentions,
and your love is a cosmic quality
we only begin to discern:
that, trusting in your moon-risings,
in your birth-giving powers,
we celebrate and embody the coming
of your peace on earth.

Sophia our Déa,*
As a full moon rising,
You are the One Sacred Thread
and Source for All Times,
Grandmother, Mother, and Child,
Blessed She!

copyright of Pastor Stacy
December 25th 2015

678 Portola Drive
San Francisco
United States of America

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*replaced Goddess with Déa

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Our Scripture confirmed by quantum physics by Dr. Robert Lanza

The Madrian Catechism


1. From whence do you come and where is your first origin?
I was created from before the beginning of time by Dea out of the overflowing of Her divine love.


The Temple of the Heart

2. But within the innermost Temple of your heart shall you find the seas and the heavens and all the illimitable cosmos; 3. for the space within this Temple is as vast as all the manifest universe.

4. The ignorant eye shall not see this Temple from without, 5. for it is smaller than the seventh part of the seed of an apple, and the seventh part of a seventh part divided again until what part remains can be seen nor touched nor tasted.

6. The ignorant eye shall not see the Temple from within, 7. for it is as vast as the manifest universe.

8. Beyond life, beyond death is the Temple, for it is the Temple of the Spirit.


The Crystal Tablet

15. Let her not be held from herself or from her Goddess by any thing that exists, for all the things that are have come from nothing and to nothing shall return. But the Divine Life, and her life within it, Was ever and shall ever Be, though time itself shall only last a space.

16. Let her not trust the ground her feet are set upon and doubt the Ground upon which that ground stands. Rather let her doubt the sea, the sky, the fingers of her hand and the breath of her mouth; for all these things may be illusions, as in some sense they are.

17. But let her know Life Divine as the Truth beyond truth and the Faith beyond faith and doubt.

18. Light is pure force, or energy, or delight. It is the joy of the Goddess, and Her breath and Spirit.

19. Light is the outpouring of Life into existence. All things that exist come from Life; they are made and sustained by Light.

20. Though an existing thing appear never so solid, yet its body is made of light. All material things are but consolidated force; and the vibration of force is the whole of their being.

21. Yet material things are far from the Source of Light. They have become subject to consolidation and restriction.

22. Pure Light knows no bounds, but is perfect joy, and breathes its own perfection.

A new theory based on quantum physics says — there’s life after death. We are immortal and exist outside of time!

September 15, 2017

A new radical idea arrives to shake the very foundation of our understanding of life and the universe.

Prepare to get your mind blown:

Everything you see, along with the computer screen you are reading this article on. The chair you’re sitting on, the sounds in the background, all of it doesn’t exist — except as a result of an active process occurring in your mind.

The implications of this theory for what happens after death are profound.

For a better understanding of this theory, let’s put it this way:

Our consciousness is creating an awareness of an “out there” outside of ourselves. When in fact, the world we experience around us is a creation of our own consciousness. There is no “out there”.

This is the first principle of Biocentrism: “What we identify as reality is a process that involves our consciousness. An ‘external’ reality, if it existed, would—by definition—have to exist in space. Because space and time are not absolute realities but rather tools of the human and animal mind makes this meaningless”

What we identify as reality is a process that involves our consciousness. An ‘external’ reality, if it existed, would—by definition—have to exist in space. Because space and time are not absolute realities but rather tools of the human and animal mind make this meaningless.

Dr. Robert Lanza talks about this in his book Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe.

This new theory of everything and nothing claims that the universe emerges from life. And not the other way around. In his theory, he places biology above the other sciences to establish his theory of everything which comes to the same conclusions as a non-duality.

You’re not reading about the crazy introspection of just any philosopher:

Dr. Lanza is one of the greatest minds of our time.

He is a renowned scientist and foremost stem cell expert.

In 2014 he was listed on TIME’s one of the hundred most influential people in the world.

In 2015 he was chosen as one of Prospect Magazine’s “World Thinkers 2015”. He was voted as the third most important scientist alive by NY Times.

Biocentrism according to Lanza shows that space and time are simply the tools our mind uses to entwine information together into a coherent experience. They are the language of consciousness.

Here’s a key point:

When we dream, our minds use the same algorithms to create a spatiotemporal reality that is as real, 3-D and flesh-and-blood as the one we experience when we’re awake.

Upon death, there‘s a break in our linear stream of consciousness and therefore a break in the linear connection of times and places. Biocentrism tells us that it’s a manifold that leads to all physical possibilities. Much more physicists are beginning to accept the ‘many-worlds’ interpretation of quantum physics. It states that there is an infinite number of universes. Everything possible that can happen appears in some universe.

He continues:

“These scenarios do not include death because it does not exist. This is because all of them occur simultaneously regardless of what happens in any of them. The feeling of ‘me’  is just energy operating in the brain. Energy never dies; it cannot be destroyed.”

Here’s Lanza explaining his theory.

Seven Lamps of Fire – Research by ArchMatrona Ghrain LLC

The LLC – Seven Lamps of Fire [aka The Seven Spirits of Déa]

Archmatrona Ghrain (Rt. Rev. Georgia Cobb) of the Lucienne Tradition has researched this item and the associated lighting ritual. She demonstrates how applicable it is to the Déanic Faith and our expanding understanding of the Seven Living Emanations of Déa: the Janae.

(I was fortunate in visiting various ethnic and faith communities within Israel and Palestine during the festival of Chanukah/Hanukkah with my Mother’s close friend Sara Elkes (brother Joel) during a Miriam and Elkhanan Elkes Association for Inter-Community Understanding trip. A memorable visit on so many levels. Madria Sophia)

Link to original article:

virgin with menorah from Staglieno cemetery in Genoa

According to Clement of Alexandria and Philo Judaeus, the seven lamps of the golden menorah represented the seven classical planets in this order: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.[25].

  1. p.10, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike (L.H. Jenkins, 1871 [1948]).

When lighting a Seven Branch Temple Menorah, the officiate uses one source of flame to light all seven candles, in the following order: 1st Sun [Center], 2nd Moon, 3rd, Mars, [Right to Left], 4th Mercury, 5thJupiter [Right to Left]; 6th Venus, 7th Saturn [Right-Left].

Article continues.

ArchMatrona Ghrian


Page under the Seven Great Janae menu

Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia Table

(Listed Order of being lit, Classical Planets, modern weekdays, Kore Di-Jana Janae Names and Their Powers, with colour Ray)

7th [Left] 5th 3rd 1st 6th 4th 2nd [Right]
Kindled Kindled Kindled Kindled Kindled Kindled Kindled
Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon
Sat Thurs Tues Sun Fri Wednes Mon
Rhea Thema Vikhé Raya Theia Sushuri Grace Mati Sage Candre
Faith Justice Heroism Illumination Healing Wisdom Priestesshood
Indigo Blue Red Orange Green Yellow Violet


Janites have chosen Pre-Patriarchal Divine Sophia as our Form or Image for Déa

Dear friends and devotees,
Thank you to the newly enquiring people contacting us. May Déa bless you on your soul paths.

Under the Menu Page “Sophian Pages – our thealogy
We explain why as the Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janites we have chosen Pre-Patriarchal Divine Sophia as our Form or Image for Déa. Sophia was an anonymous poem sent into the Madrian periodical The Coming Age issue 3, Summer, 1977.

Non Violence within the Divine Sophia Mysteries compared with Inanna’s grisly death myth.

How our Divine Sophia is in our Madrian-Déanic feminine focused Scriptures.

Part I: Sophia as Creatrix and Who is the First Daughter

Part 2: Sophia as Supernal Mother & Daughter

Part 3: Sophia’s Voluntarily leaves Heaven & Descends & as Saviouress

Primordial Pre Patriarchal Sophia and Creatrix Eurynome


How our Divine Sophia is in our Madrian-Déanic Seven Great Janae