Daughter of Light

(Slightly adapted for the Koré Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janite Tradition from the original Madrian from the calligraphic document of Madria Olga Lotar of Ordo Rosa Madriana (Order of Rose of Mother God Supreme) early 1970’s – 2008 .) [1]

See article for prayer (Free PDF download): https://deanic.com/prayers-and-rites/historical-madrian-prayers-from-3-orders-1973-1993/comparison-between-1977-olm-not-dated-orm-prayers/

Known as the Daughter of Light prayer [2]

This is directed to our Holy Daughter/Mother of our souls.

Daughter of Light,
that reignest as Queen of Heaven,
all praise and honour I/we joyfully give to Thee.
Give me/us to learn that Thou art by my/our side
in every act that I/we make.
Teach me/us obedience and humility
and joy of heart that comes of self-forgetting.
Help me/us to be clear mirrors of Thy Love;
reflecting all the beauty of the world;
for beauty is the echo of Eternity.
Fix my/our heart(s) on the Eternal
and let me/us not be turned from Thee
by transient things.
Rescue me/us from the hands of darkness
that we may serve Thee with all my/our being here
and in Thy bright Eternity.
Blessed are You.

All prayers are optional and not mandatory. May you be guided by Déa along your soul-path.

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