How to Make a Janite Rosary

Unlike Roman Catholic rosaries which are made up of five ‘decades’ or sections of ten beads each, our rosaries are made up of septads or sections of seven beads each, similar to Anglican rosaries. An Anglican rosary has four ‘weeks’ of septads or four sections of septads.

If an Anglican rosary is used, one simply reuses the first septad for the Fifth Mystery of the Janite Deanic Rosary or one would reuse the first three septads in the Janati rosary. Most people find it is simply easier to make their own.

It is actually quite easy to make your own rosary. The internet has many resources and videos for instructions.

Good quality beads may be found in craft stores and online. My favorite source is They offer a free catalog that usually has almost five hundred pages of high quality beads, jewelry and rosary making supplies at very reasonable prices.

While not required, many of us add the Seven Symbols of our Faith to our rosaries which may be found as charms on Etsy. These charms are: the Sun, the Moon, the Apple, the North Star, the Dove, the Rose and the Fora. (The Fora is a equi-distant solar cross where the four rays extend beyond the circle.)

I use a 25 pound test line (strong fishing line) to string the beads. Rosary wire or links may also be used. Charms are optional.

For the Janite Deanic Rosary, which has five septads, begin by stringing the first septad. String the Apple charm followed by the first large bead. Next string seven smaller beads.

Following the seven smaller beads, place the Star charm followed by a large bead and the seven smaller beads.

Place the Fora charm followed by one large bead and seven smaller beads.

Place the Dove charm, a large bead and seven smaller beads.

Place the Rose charm and large bead followed by the seven smaller beads.

Push the beads towards the center so that you have a good few inches of line extending beyond the beginning of the first septad and well beyond the end of the last. Cut the side of the line that is still attached to the roll and try to even out the lengths on each side. Thread both ends of the line through the centerpiece bead. Then, string three small beads and add the sun and moon charms and a pentacle if desired. The ends may be securely tied off or crimped according to your rosary directions.

Be sure to bless your rosary with holy water in the Name of the Divine Feminine Trinity.

The Rite of blessing holy objects may be found under our Prayers and Rites page.

For the Janati rosary, follow the same instructions as above, but you will be making a seven rather than a five septad rosary. The charms are placed in the following order for the Janati rosary: Sun for the first septad in honor of Madria Theia; Moon for the second septad in honor of Madria Candra; Rose for the third septad in honor of Madria Vicka; the North Star for the fourth septad in honor of Madria Sofia; Apple for the fifth septad in honor of Madria Thema; Dove for the fifth septad in honor of Madria Grace and finally, the Fora for the seventh septad in honor of Madria Rhea.