The Ave

The Ave (as inspired by ArchMatrona Georgia E. B. Cobb). This prayer chanted by our clergy at the beginning of liturgy.

Mari Sophia means Mother Sea of Wisdom.

Zoe Anna means: Grace of Life

Mysteria Sige means: Mystery of Silence.

The Ave as found at the beginning of our liturgy. It is chanted by our clergy while they bless and cense the altar, icons and offerings of wine and bread.

Ave, Mari Sophia, Dea Madria, Gloria Plena

Ave, Zoe Anna, Dea Filia, Gloria Plena

Ave, Mysteria Sige, Dea Mysteria, Gloria Plena.


Loosely translated:

Hail, Mari Sophia, Mother Goddess, Full of Glory.

Hail,  Zoe Anna, Daughter Goddess, Full of Glory.

Hail, Mystery (of) Silence, Great Mother Goddess, Full of Glory.