Tracing the Fora and Bowing





The Fora is an equi-distant solar cross with the vertical and horizontal rays extending beyond the circle.

Tracing the Fora (Solar Cross) upon yourself:

Hold the thumb, forefinger and middle finger together on your right hand while curling the ring and pinkie fingers under.

Touch your forehead and then you heart chakra and say: In the Name of the Mother. This ray symbolizes the Celestial Mother as being Transcendent. Then, touch the right shoulder and then the left shoulder and say: and of the Daughter. This ray symbolizes the immanence of the Holy Daughter. Finally, draw a clock-wise circle over heart-chakra and say: and of the Great Mother. This symbolizes the Great Mother as the Still Centre of All Being. Then say, Blessed is She.

Bowing: Fold hands in prayer, resting tips of fingers on forehead and bow from the waist.