How to Make Rosaries

Unlike Roman Catholic rosaries which are made up of five ‘decades’ or sections of ten beads each, our rosaries are made up of septads or five sections of seven beads.

Good quality beads may be found in craft stores and online. My favorite source is Fire Mountain Gems. (USA). They offer a free catalog that usually has almost five hundred pages of high quality beads, jewelry and rosary making supplies at very reasonable prices.

The Five main Symbols charms may be found as charms on Etsy. These are the Apple, the North Star, the Dove, the Rose and the Fora. (The Fora is a equi-distant solar cross where the four rays extend beyond the circle. A Celtic Knot cross may also be used.) Large beads may be used in place of the charms.

How to Make a Janite Rosary (5 x septads or sections of seven beads):

A 25 pound test line (fishing line) is fine to string the beads. Rosary wire or links may also be used.

Please note that we do not use seed beads because this rosary is also used for our mantra rosaries. However, they may be added if desired.

5 Septads (divisions) of seven beads.

Begin by stringing the first septad. String the Apple charm or large bread, followed by seven regular beads.

Next, place the Star charm. After the Star Charm, place the seven regular beads followed.

Place the Fora charm next followed by seven regular beads.

Now, place the Dove charm followed by the seven regular beads.

Place the Rose charm next and add the seven regular beads..

Push the beads towards the center so that you have a good few inches of line extending beyond the beginning of the first and the end of the last. Cut the side of the line that is still attached to the roll and try to even out the lengths on each side. Thread both ends of the line through the centerpiece bead. Then, string three regular beads and add the Fora, North Star Charm and a Triquetra, icon or medal of Our Lady, Angel (Jana), a charm of an oil lamp or an holy symbol of your choice for the beginning of the rosary. Secure or knot the line. These rosaries are very sturdy and do not break easily.

Be sure to bless your rosary. The Rite of blessing objects: Blessing

How to Make a Janae Mantra Rosary (7 x septads or sections of seven beads):

Another option is to make a ‘wrist’ rosary consisting of one septad of seven beads and one charm.

May Our Lady bless you. Blessed is She.

ArchMadria Pamela