Lunadi or Moon Day – Monday. Day of Dea Filia, Our Holy Daughter – Jana Madria Candra

Daily Living in Janite culture begins with a focus on the meaning of the Sacred Symbol and the ruling Jana of the day along with Her Stream of Virtues.


For example, today is Lunadi. Luna is the Roman goddess of the Sun. Her Greek counterpart was Selene. The Titaness traditionally associated with the moon was Phoebe “shining”. The Sacred Symbol is, of course, the Moon.

Luna Lakota maiden waxing moon by folio-gothic-hippy

Lunadi is our second holy day of the week during the Sacred Season of Spring (also Winter). During Spring, the priestess will serve the liturgy on this day. Hestians, (meaning members of our hestias. Hestias are Déanic homes which have been blessed and consecrated in the Name of Déa), might choose to serve the Rite of Sacrifice (meaning offering).



The Symbol of the Crescent Moon represents Dea Filia, Our Holy Daughter, She Who is the Supernal Moon. She Who is the gentle Light. She Who is approachable as She is immanent (with us and within us as our soul). The ruling Jana of the day, Madria Candra, is the Jana or Gateway of the Priesthood which flows from this Purity. She is a Living Stream of the outpouring of the Holy Daughter, gently shining and guiding in Her violet and silver robes, bringing us soulful Reflection and teaching us Reason.

Moon Goddess by artist Josephine Wall

On Lunadi, we may recite the mantra rosary of Madria Candra. The Jana mantra rosary is very simple. It consists of one large bead and 35 small beads. (5 Mysteries of the Sacred Seasons x a septad or seven beads). The devotee may recite just seven beads or the entire rosary, it is the choice of the devotee. A five septad rosary may also be used, just skip all of the large beads except the first one.


On the small beads, we recite the mantra of the Jana of the day while envisioning Her, placing ourselves in Her Presence and contemplating Her Stream of Virtues in our lives. The mantra for Lunadi is:

O, Madria Candra, Jana of Reflection, Reason and Purity, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

We may also simply think about the Jana of the day and certainly pray to Her in our own words and ask Her to be with us and to guide us throughout the day.

We can also think about which of Her three virtues we wish to express in our lives that day and ask Her help in that endeavor. Purity is free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind as in wholly Spirit. As children of Dea we focus at every opportunity upon Déa who is Spirit. Reflection as in serious thinking / careful consideration / contemplation of spiritual matters. Reason being intellectual inquiry into the faith so that reason properly employed and faith properly understood will never produce contradictory or competing claims. And we may always express our gratitude to the ruling Jana during our Evensong prayers.

We might choose to light a candle or incense for Her and wear just a little something of Her color to remind us of Her throughout the day. For Madria Candra, this could be an violet and/or silver colored gemstone pendant or other piece of jewelry, a hair ornament, a piece of clothing, a pen, badge, scarf, hat or whatever you may have.

See: which has a Madria Candra paragraph, verse from the Seven Jeweled Rays copyright of ArchMadria Candra Sophia. Also Her correspondences.

There are many different ways to honor the Jana of the Day. The key point to Daily Living, is the furthering and flowering of the 21 Virtues in our lives both for the benefit of others and for the growth and maturity of our own souls. And in this, the Janae will assist us.