Books + Articles used in Déanism of Divine Sophia form for Déa

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Thanks to our sole Sophian Déanic thealogian ArchMadria Emerata Pamela Lanides: “I have read many books on Sophia and the Shekinah. I have spent hundreds of hours over the past 8 years studying many websites about Sophia. I have read about the visions of famous Russian mystics and others not so famous. Sophia is Universal. She is the pre-Gnostic Sophia. She is the Gnostic Christian Sophia. She is the Holy Spirit. She is the Personified Wisdom of Proverbs. She is the Greek Sophia. She is the Sophia of the Russian Mystics. She is the Triune Sophia of Robert Powell and other theologians like him. She is the World Soul. She is all things to all of Her Children.”

The Wisdom Goddess: Feminine Motifs in Eight Nag Hammadi Documents
by Rose Harmon Arthur 1984
Professor at the Wenatchee School of Theology
Out of Print
Review by A.M.E. Pamela:
Anyone coming from a knowledgeable Gnostic base would do well to study it for themselves.
The Wisdom Goddess is extremely scholarly and quite dense. The main thing to be discovered is that in the pre-Christian Gnostic texts, Sophia was basically Supreme and Primary Creatrix. Different Gnostic groups had differing mythos and names. In most, She is still responsible for manifest Creation which the Gnostics thought was evil, but She is not the ‘Fallen Goddess’. She did not become trapped in the Earth. Nor did She need Her male saviour. In fact, Zoe-Sophia was a heroine.

I have not studied the entire book, but the gist of it is that Gnostic Christians took pre-Gnostic texts, re-wrote them and assigned new titles to them. Dr. Arthur often shows side by side verses to show how the Christians changed the original meaning, re-worked the myth to demote Sophia, made Her Male as either Jesus or the Father or they obliterated Her Name entirely under pseudonyms. It is too bad this book is out of print because it is a vitally important book.

Sophia – Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God by Caitlin Matthews
New Revised Edition: 2001
Extract Sophia in Islam by Caitlin Matthews

In a Chariot Drawn by Lions: The Search for the Female in Deity by Asphodel P. Long 1993

The Sophia Teachings: The Emergence of the Divine Feminine in Our Time by Robert Powell 2007

The scholarly articles by Max Dashú
who she is
Gnostic Goddess, Female Power and the Fallen Power
Khokhmah and Sophia
Mother of the All

Goddesses of Wisdom article by Asphodel Long

Sophia the Sacred Feminine Wisdom article by Harita Meenee