The Seven Forms of Deanic Sophia

There is a very interesting article
Newman, Barbara. The Transformations of Sophia in Vox Benedictina: A Journal of Translations from Monastic Sources11 (1994) [On Pilgrimage]: 33-57
to be found here: in which the Seven Forms of Sophia are mentioned.

For the Faith of Déanism of Divine Sophia Form for Déa (Sophian Déanists), ArchMadria Pamela proposes an alternative Seven Forms of Sophia:

1) The Gnostic Sophia

Sophia Dreaming by Gaelyn Larrick
The painting represents the Pleroma by a bluish-white light emanating a double helix, the projection of the human genome or Anthropos, pictured as a golden embryo in the womb of the earth.

Gnostic Universe diagram

2) The Holy Spirit

Sophia Wisdom, from the Goddess Oracle card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and artist Hrana Janto
I painted Sophia in 1991 for Llewellyn’s1992 Goddess Calendar. She is included in The Goddess Oracle, and is on the cover of the Brazilian edition. Artist Hrana Janto.
Text on

3) The Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary Giver of Wisdom Orthodox Christian icon

4) Lady Philosophy, Mother of the Seven Liberal Arts

Wilbur Herbert Wisdom is better than strength 1934

Wilbur Herbert ‟Wisdom is better than strength” 1934
The great circular Rose window in Knowles Memorial Chapel, Rollins College celebrates Rollins’ commitment to the age-old ideal of a liberal arts education. Wisdom with an owl perched on her arm is seated at the centre, surrounded by seven figures with doves representing the seven traditional liberal arts of the classical and medieval ages.
(Thanks to ArchMatrona Ghrian of the Lady of Light Chantry)

In Proverbs, the Divine Sophia has sent out Her Seven Virgins or Handmaidens and has ‟hewn out Her Seven Pillars”.

In this particular text, Wisdom is personified. Wisdom, Sophia, sends out Her Handmaidens to invite everyone to Her feast of wisdom. Caitlin Matthews states, that the Handmaidens are the assessors of Wisdom.

It would not be until the Middle Ages when they would be transformed into the Daughters of Sophia and an English cleric, Alcuin (735-804 AD) would associate the Seven Pillars with the Seven Liberal Arts.

As we can see, there is a correlation between each of the Seven Liberal Arts and the Janae, Themselves.

Grammar/Moon/Agia Candre.

Dialectic/Mercury/Agia Sage/ Mati.

Rhetoric/Venus/Agia Grace/ Sushuri

Music/Sun/Agia Theia/ Raya

Arithmetic/Mars/Agia Vikhe

Geometry/Jupiter/Agia Thamé

Astronomy/Saturn/Agia Rhea/ Rhave

5) The Goddess Natura

Roman goddess Natura – Greek goddess Physis

Nature by Rassouli often named Sophia on the internet.

For us, the Holy Daughter is Kore Sophia. Though both the Shekinah and Sophia are known to have descended through the Seven Realms to become the World Soul, there is a difference between how They are each the World Soul. The Shekinah is the Soul of Her people, the Israelite community. She is bonded to Her people. The Divine Sophia, becomes the Soul of the World, the Soul of the Cosmos.

She is very much the Soul of Nature. When She has appeared in visions, She has shown Herself as the mountains, glens, lakes….all of Nature. She is not the mountain, the glen or the lake.

When the Divine manifests Herself on the physical plane, She wears a wardrobe suitable for the occasion. She can garb Herself in anything: examples: winds, clouds, planets, stars, trees, flowers, birds, animals, or people. However, that does not mean that any of those physical forms are Her Body. Her Spiritual Body is within those forms as a person is within their clothing. ArchMatrona Georgia E. B. Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry (LLC).

The Divine Daughter does not take on material form. She does not incarnate either as a human being or as our Sister, the Earth. Rather, She is the Mother of our souls, She is the Mother Creator of the Earth and She is the Divine Spark within our souls.

And as the ruling Energy of Creation, the Energy of Love, She may take on the garb of Nature, but the Holy Daughter gives it Form. Nature is not Her Form… She is the Form of Nature.

6) The World Soul/Holy Soul of the World

Protecting Angel by Helena Nelson-Reed a.k.a. Sophia Celestia Embracing Earth on internet

7) The Déanic Sophia

Celestial Mother Mari Sophia (meaning High Mother Wisdom) [1]
Holy Daughter Zoe Sophia (meaning Living Wisdom) [2]

[1] Madrian Personal Name: Mari (Mar as in the planet Mars, pronounced Mahr-i) meaning Ma Mother, Rhi High or Sovereign Queen. Or Mother Sea of Wisdom Latin for Sea, nearly universal among the Indo-European languages Ma meaning Mother,
Koine Greekσοφία Sophia (pronounced So-fi-ah) meaning Wisdom by Plato.

[2] Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia a.k.a. Janite Personal Name: Zoe (pronounced Zoh-ee) Greek ζωή meaning living