Rite of Sacrifice in Memory of Madria Olga Lotar, Madrian priestess on 8 Flora / May 23

The Rite of Sacrifice (Offering) may be offered in her memory by clergy and devotees.

Preparation, Altar Set-up and Ritual

What this ritual is all about

O, Veiled Cosmic Origin, You Who are the Great Life, Source and Force,
inspire us with Your Wisdom.

Seasonal and Liturgical Altar Setup:

Use the Spiritual colors of violet and white
The candles on the altar (which should be object blessed *) and the veil/hat that we wear during formal prayer and ritual should be spiritual white. The Memorial altar cloth is the spiritual color of violet. This can be a doily, hankey/handkerchief, tablecloth. (Which should be object blessed *).
Seasonal flowers.


For those who wear the Sacred Symbol in memory of Madria Olga Lotar, it is, the Rose.

Madrinas and Priestesses will accent their white dresses/robes with accessories (shawl or scarf) in the spiritual color of violet.

The suggested scripture reading is the prayer Those We Love Must Someday Pass

Those we love must someday
pass beyond our present sight…
Must leave us and the world
we know without their radiant light.
But we know that like a candle
their lovely light will surely shine
to brighten up another place
more perfect… more divine.
And in the realm of Avala where
they shine so warm and bright.
Our loved ones live forevermore
in Déa’s eternal light.

I would also include the prayer that Madria Olga Lotar composed:

Salve, Magna Mater

Madria Dea, Mother of all beings, fill my heart completely.
Grant me, Your child,
love and truth, joy and abundance, wisdom and devotion.

I offer You my loving care, all of my happiness and all of my suffering, 
for all who are born of You, and all Your children of Ekklesia.

Most tender Madria Dea, Great Mother, my loving Mother,
You are Mother of all beings, Magna Mater, the Mother of All.

Salve, Magna Mater

(Madria Sophia)


Memory of Madria Olga

Stelladi/8 Flora

O, Agia Sage, be with us.

Today is we celebrate the life of Madria Olga Lotar of beloved memory.

Madria Olga Lotar became a Madrian priestess through Charisma. According to the full Madrian catechism, a female may become a Madrian priestess through either Initiation or Charisma. (Charisma is not generally recognized for Janite priestesses unless there are extraordinary circumstances which are approved by the Prima Madria.)

Madria Olga founded her own Madrian Order and went on to teach many students over the years, both female and male. She was an inspiration to all of us, to both those who knew her and those of us who only know of her.

To this day, those who were her students or her friends remember her with great respect and with great appreciation for her selfless, humble and tireless work in teaching others the Madrian religion.

For those who wish, a Rite of Sacrifice may be offered in her memory.

May she rest in Avala.

May the Gentle Light shine upon her.

May her memory be eternal.