The Celestial Mother


Our Holy Mother is the Matrix and Ground of All Being, of All Life, of All the Cosmos. She is the Primordial Light and the inner Flame of our souls. She is the Primordial Essence of All Being and the Creatrix of our souls and of the cosmos.

When we desired to turn from Perfection at the dawn of time, in order to know that which we did not know, She created the cosmos so that we might increase our knowledge. For ‘within Her Divine Will, the darkness must be known to truly know the Light and the Dark beyond the light.’

When we entered this limitation of imperfect being, the Brilliant Light of Our Holy Mother, Who is known as the Supernal Sun, became too bright for us to look upon and so She sent us Her Holy Daughter, the gentle, Supernal Moon.

Beneath the Great Mantle of Perfection of the Holy Celestial Mother, do we find refuge, protection and strength. We are ever beneath Her loving gaze. She heeds all our cries. She is ever aware of Her children, each and every one of us, in every moment in time and out of time.

When we have completed our incarnations, when we desire naught but Love, through the Holy Daughter are our souls resurrected unto the Supernal Realm, guarded by our Holy Mother. There, the Holy Mother, Who is the Assumption of souls, assumes us into the Perfection of Love. This is similar to the idea of divinization or theosis in the Orthodox Christian Church. The Supernal Realm is the guarded inner Core of the Heavenly Realm symbolized by the Centre of the Fora. (A Fora is a solar cross with the arms extended beyond the circle.)