The Correspondences of the Seven Janati


The Seven Janati are the Seven Powers of Dea in Angelic form. In Deanism, they are also known as the Seven Planetary Powers, similar to the Seven Archangels, the Gnostic Planetary Powers, etc.

While it has been stated that the Seven Planetary Powers are based upon the female Greek Titans, this idea comes from a fictional account of the Creation story of Eurynome as put forth by Robert Graves in his book, the White Goddess and has no basis in Greek mythology.

Sai is a Deanic honorific meaning saint or holy. We also refer to them as Lady.

Major Source for Planetary Correspondences: .

Other Sources: Deanic/Janite/Chakra and other Traditions. 

Please note that in the above correspondences, the rulership has to do with the planetary associations and not with the archangels, themselves. They there-by are associated with all Planetary Powers and not just the Archangels. 

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