Janite Deanic Calendar


The Deanic Calendar consists of 13 Months and five Sacred Seasons. Each day is named after one of the Seven Sacred Symbols using the French ‘di’ for day.

It is customary to use both the color of the season (according to the Element) and the liturgical colors (the colors of the robes of the Janati) during our rites and liturgies.

Some also choose to wear the Symbol of the Season as either a pendant or a pin. These colors and symbols are noted in our calendar. Others might choose to be aware of the sacred number three when wearing jewelry, as is the custom of some traditions and so will wear three small pendants of the Season as noted on the calendar. Still others choose to wear the Fora or the Dove, year-round.

Please note that our Cardinal Directional system is different than that of other spiritual Traditions.


The Deanic year begins with Spring and the month of Columbina. Our day begins at Dawn, which, along with Midnight are the symbolic times of the Holy Daughter. Noontime and Twilight are symbolic of the Celestial Mother and the Darkest Hour before the Dawn is symbolic of the Great Mother.

Feast days for which the RoS should be served by devotees and the liturgy by clergy are marked with an *.

All celebrate the RoS on the Full Moons.

Days of the Week:

Sunnadi or Sun Day. Day of Madria Theia.

Lunadi or Moon Day. (Monday). Day of Madria Candra.

Rosadi or Rose Day. (Tuesday). Day of Madria Vicka.

Stelladi or Star Day. (Wednesday). Day of Madria Sofia.

Abaldi or Apple Day. (Thursday). Day of Madria Theam.

Columbadi or Dove Day. (Friday). Day of Madria Grace.

Foradi or Fora Day. (Saturday). Day of Madria Rhea.


Season of the Holy Daughter as the Dove of Peace.


Jana: Madria Grace.

Sacred Symbol: the Dove.

Element: Water.

Elemental Color: Blue.

Liturgical colors: Pink and Green.

Direction: East.

Time of Day: Dawn.

Mystery: Aurora

Pendant: Dove


Dove/Fora/Crescent Moon (The Holy Daughter is the Supernal Moon).


Columbina: (Meaning Little Dove): March 21 – April 17.

Feast Days:

1 Columbina: Eastre *. The Mystery of Aurora. The Rising of Holy Daughter, Kore; She Who is the Dawn of All Life.

5 Columbina/March 25: Feast of Madria Grace *.

Full Moon: Dove Moon.


Maia: (Meaning Great): April 18 – May 15.

Feast Days:

14 Maia/May 1: Coronam *: The Coronation of the Holy Daughter, Kore, as the Queen of Heaven.

Full Moon: Great Moon.


Flora: (Meaning Flower): May 16 – June 12.

Feast Days:

8 Flora/ May 23, Memory of Madria Olga Lotar, Madrian priestess. (The Rite of Sacrifice may be offered in her memory.)

10 Flora/May 25: Floralia. The Feast of Flowers.

Full Moon: Flower Moon.


Season of the Celestial Mother as the Rose of Joy.


Jana: Madria Vicka.

Sacred Symbol: the Rose.

Element: Fire.

Elemental Color: Red.

Liturgical Color: Red.

Direction: South.

Time of Day: Noon.

Mystery: Assumpta. The Assumption of the Holy Daughter. The Celestial Mother is the Assumption of our souls.

Pendants: Rose


Rose, Fora, Sun. (The Celestial Mother is the Supernal Sun).


Rosa: (Meaning Rose): June 13 – July 10.

Feast Days:

1 Rosa/June 13: Feast of Madria Vicka *.

8 Rosa/June 20: Feast of Queen Aine.

9 Rosa/June 21: Rosalia*.  Celebrating the Mystery of Assumpta. The Celestial Mother, Mari, is the Assumption of Our Souls. It is also the Feast of Roses. The Celestial Mother, Mari, is the Rose of Joy and the Fiery Rose of Heaven.

Full Moon: Rose Moon.


Ceres: (Meaning Grain): July 11 – Aug. 7

Feast Day:

22 Ceres/Aug. 1: Cerealia. The Feast of Grains. Also known as the Feast of Regeneration.

Full Moon: Corn Moon.


Vespera: (Meaning Evening Star): Aug. 8 – Sept. 4.

Full Moon: Evening Moon.

Moira’s Day (also called Day of Werde): 16 Vespera/Aug. 23


Season of the Celestial Mother as the Apple of Wisdom.


Jana: Madria Thema.

Sacred Symbol: The Apple.

Element: Earth.

Elemental Color: Green.

Liturgical colors: Blue and Purple.

Direction: West.

Time of Day: Twilight.

Mystery: Terram: The Mystery of the Celestial Mother as the Ground of All Being.

Pendants: Apple


Apple, Fora, Sun.


Abalon (Old Welsh meaning Appleland.): Sept. 5 – Oct. 2

Feast Days:

1 Abalon/Sept. 5- The Feast of Madria Thema *.

17 Abalon/Sept. 21- Matronalia *.  Feast of the Divine Feminine Trinity.)

Full Moon: Apple Moon.


Ourania: (Meaning Heavenly, Cosmic): Oct. 3 – Oct. 30.

Full Moon: Cosmic Moon.


Samhain: (Older form of Samhain meaning Summer’s End. For the Celts, summer ended in October.): Oct. 31- Nov. 27.

Feast Day:

1 Samhain/Oct. 31: Shimovane: (Older form of Samhain meaning Summer’s End.)  Feast of the Dead. (Liturgy or the RoS is optional, not mandatory.)

Spirit Moon.



Season of the Holy Daughter as the Triple Star: She is the Star of Hope, the Midnight Star of Wonder and the Guiding North Star.

Jana: Madria Sofia.

Sacred Symbol: The North Star.

Element: Air.

Elemental Color: yellow.

Liturgical color: yellow.

Direction: North.

Time of Day: Midnight.

Mystery: Adoria

Pendant: North Star


North Star, Fora and Crescent Moon.


Astrea: (Meaning Star. It also means Light Maiden): Nov. 28 – Dec. 25.

The practice of the Sun Wheel is observed during this month. An advent wreath may be used. It should have five candles: blue, red, yellow, green and violet or purple. Prayers and scripture readings will be announced each year.

First Sunnadi: Light the Green candle of Wisdom.

Second Sunnadi: Light the Yellow candle of Hope.

Third Sunnadi: Light the Violet candle of Faith.

Fourth Sunnadi: Light the Blue candle of Peace.

On Madria Nocte, 24 Astrea/Dec.21: Which begins after the first star three stars appear in the sky, light the Red candle of Joy.

Feast Days:

1 Astrea/Nov. 28: Feast of Madria Sofia * and First Lighting of the Sunwheel.

24 Astrea/Dec. 21: Madria Nocte: Mother Night. And RoS is served in honor of the Celestial Mother as She awaits the Nativity of the Holy Daughter.

28 Astrea/Dec. 25: Adoria * (meaning Glory. The Nativity of the Holy Daughter Who is the Star of Hope, the Midnight Star of Wonder and the Guiding North Star.

Full Moon: Glory Moon.


Hestia (Meaning: Sacred Hearth): Dec. 26 – Jan. 22).

6 Hestia/Dec. 31: Sacra Hestia.  This is the day our hestias (sacred homes) are blessed and consecrated to Dea Madria, Our Divine Mother God.

11 Hestia/Jan. 5: Duodecima

12 Hestia/Jan.6: Epiphania.* (Feast of the Divine Princess.)

21 Hestia/Jan. 15: Feast of Carmentalia.

Full Moon: Blessing Moon.


Brighid: (Meaning exalted or bright one): Jan. 23- Feb. 19

11 Brighid/Feb. 2: Lucidi *: Festival of Light. (Luci means light).

28  Brighid/Feb. 19: Moura Eve

Full Moon: Bright Moon.



Season of the Great Mother as the Fora of Faith.

Janati: Madria Candra, Madria Theia and Madria Rhea.

Sacred Symbol: the Fora.

Element: Spirit.

Elemental Color: Violet:

Liturgical colors: Violet, Silver, Orange, Indigo and Black.

Direction: Center.

Time of Day: Darkest Hour before the Dawn.

Mystery: Quassare: The Divine Shattering/Death of the Daughter.

Pendant: the Fora.

(We only wear the Fora during the Sacred Season of Moura).

The Month of Moura: (Meaning Dark, Destiny): Feb. 20- March 19.

Please note: Unlike the Celestial Mother and the Holy Daughter, the Great Mother (Absolute Deity) does not have a specific feast day, rather, the entire Month of Moura is observed in Her honor.

14 Moura/March 4 (March 3 if a leap year): Med-Moura. Feast of Madria Candra, Madria Rhea and Madria Theia *.

28 Moura/March 19 and March 20: Tenebrae (which means darkness). The Mystery of Quassare/ :The Divine Shattering/Death of the Daughter. A day of veiling, fasting and lustration.

Full Moon: Veiled Moon.