Janite Deanic Creed

The Janite edition of the Déanic/Filianic Creed includes the belief in the Janae.

The Janite Deanic Creed

I believe that I am created from before the dawn of time
By the Eternal One, Madria Dea.
I believe that She is One and Three and Seven and that She reigns over Heaven.

I believe in the Celestial Mother, She Who is Pure Light;
The Creatrix of the Earth and of the Heavens,
and of all the infinite cosmos.

And I believe in Her Holy Daughter, born of the Celestial Mother;
She Who rules all the energies of Creation,
Whose Nature is Perfect Love.

And I believe that there is She, Who stands beyond these Two,
Whose Name has not been spoken upon this Earth;
For She is the Beginning and the End,
The First Principle and the Final Cause,
The unoriginated Origin of being;
The Great Mother of all that is and all that is not; She, Who Is.

I believe in the Seven Janae, the Seven Great Powers of Dea. I believe that
they are the Living Streams of Virtue who flow from the Mother and
that together, these Living Streams form the River of Life.

And I believe that I was made a perfect creature,
and I believe that at the dawn of time, my soul did turn from
the Perfection of existence,
that I may know of the other things, for many things I did not know.

And thus I gathered imperfection in my sovereign will;
I believe that through this choice, I needs must suffer
the limitation of imperfect being, to learn and know the other things,
for I believe within Her Divine Will, the darkness must be known
to truly know the Light,
And the Dark beyond the light.

And I believe that all Her Will might Be,
that the Daughter of Eternity
gave Herself to be cast down into the depths of darkness.
I believe that She rose from the depths of darkness, triumphant,
and reigns as Queen of Heaven.

I believe that through Her descent into darkness, the imperfection of my soul shall perish,
And I know that through Her triumphant Life,
My souls shall rise renewed in Her Perfection;
That I may return to Eternal Communion with the Eternal One,
Madria Dea, in the Completion of the Wholeness of Her Will.