The Meanings of Janite Names for Dea and the Janae

The Names of the Trinity in the Janite Rite

The Celestial Mother is Mari Sophia which (according to the oldest translation of Mari) means Mother Sea of Wisdom.

The Holy Daughter is Zoe Anna which means the Grace of Life.

The Great Mother is Mysteria Sige which means the Silence of Mystery.

The Janae in the Janite Rite (these names reflect the three Spiritual Traditions upon which we are based, Madrianism, Filianism and Janite.)

Raya Theia which means Heavenly Goddess. Filianic-Madrian.

(Raya is pronounced Rye-a).

Candre which means of the Moon. Filianic.

Vikhe which means Victory. Filianic.

Mati Sage which means Spiritual Thought of Wisdom. Filianic-Janite.

Thema which means Queen. Janite.

Sushuri Grace which means Kind Grace. Filianic-Janite. 

Rhea which means Flowing Stream (or River). Madrian.