Who are the Seven Great Janae


The Seven Janae, (Ya-nay – plural), are the Supernal Genetrixes, Guardians or Wellsprings of the Seven Streams of Life or Virtue. They are the Seven Faces/Powers/Spirits of Dea, Our Divine Mother God, in rarefied angelic form.

A Being of Light (with Form).

Singularly, They are known as Jana, (Yana) means both gate and moon. The goddess Diana was earlier known as Di-Jana, Divine Gate. The Janae are the generators and Divine Gates of the Seven Living Streams of Virtue.
The Janae are Dea, Herself, expressed as Seven Living Intelligent Rays or Streams of Life. They are Dea in Her Seven/Septat Form and are our Guardian Mothers (Madria).

The prism is often used as an analogy for the understanding of the Janati in our Tradition.We may think of the White Light of Dea streaming through a prism, which then separates into Seven Jeweled Living, Intelligent Rays. These Living Rays then take on rarefied, angelic form. Each Ray is a Face or Aspect of Dea.

Three of the Janae, Madrias Candra, Theia and Rhea, are of the Three-Fold Heaven. They are Guardians of Spirit and Center. Four of the Janae, Madrias Grace, Vicka, Thema and Sage, are of the Fourfold Earth. They are the Guardians of the four cardinal directions and rule over their corresponding Elements.

The Seven Great Janae are a very prominent part of our practice. We adore the Janae as the Seven Faces and Powers of Dea and strive to emulate Their Supernal Virtues and we ask Their assistance in many areas.

From an article The Janati Are Not Angels, They Are Dea.

One of the ways that we have explained the Janae in the past, taken from a tradition that was handed down to us, is that the Janae take on angelic form and though they are the Living Streams of Dea, they may be considered to be goddesses or angels. Unfortunately, this explanation has been misleading for many, including yours truly, when I first entered the Faith over six years ago.

Janites tend to stay away from using the words goddess or goddesses because the true nature and roles of the Classical and Celtic goddesses are greatly misunderstood in the 21st century. The modern sense of ‘goddess’ would not apply to either Dea in general, nor to the Janae in particular.

And, though we may say that the Janae take on rarefied angelic form, they are not angels, which are created beings. They are the Seven Faces of Dea, Herself.

The Deanic Faith teaches that Dea is One and Three and Seven. This signifies that She is a Singularity, a Trinity and a Septet. So, when we pray to Madria Thema, for example, or when we ask for the mighty help of Madria Vicka; when we honor Madria Candra as Mistress of priestesses or appeal to Madria Rhea for help in the area of Self-Restraint; when we ask Madria Grace for healing or need Madria Sage’s assistance with Wisdom; when we consciously open our minds and hearts to the Joy of Madria Rhea, we are praying to Dea, Herself. They have the Essence/Nature of the Godhood.

Mother of our being.
The Great Mother, who is Life and Absolute, generates “Consciousness/consciousness” or “Awareness/awareness” of Being/being.*
Mother of our spirit.
The Celestial Mother, Who is Light and Spirit generates “Intelligence/intelligence” or “Person-hood/person-hood” of Spirit/spirit.*
Mother of our soul.
The Holy Daughter, Who is Love and Soul generates “Personality/personality” or “The Powers/the powers” of Soul/soul.*
*(The capital letter signifies Divine, the lower case letter signifies axial being manifest)
 The Janae, Who are the Seven Streams of Life,  generate the Supernal Virtues.
 (Thanks to ArchMatrona Ghrian of the Lady of Light Chantry (LLC) who has assisted with the expression of this thealogy.)
 The Janae are the Seven Faces of Dea. It is through them and in surrounding ourselves with them each day, through invocation and prayer and in coming to personally know them, that we come to know the Trinity and through the Trinity, we come to know the One: She, the Great Mother, Who is the Dark beyond the light and the Light beyond the darkness. Blessed is She.