Titles for The Teachings of The Daughter transmitted by Madria Olga Lotar

Madria (Mother Priestess) Olga Lotar of Ordo Rosa Madriana – Ekklesia Madriana transmitted this information to her students K.M. and Mr. Joey McEvoy 3rd. All praise to Dèa. Blessed is She.

This is the typed “List of Titles for The Teachings” handwritten by Madria (Mother Priestess) Olga Lotar of Ordo Rosa Madriana – Ekklesia Madriana (from KM)

PDF of the typed “List of Titles for The Teachings” (from Mr Joey McEvoy 3rd)

The Teachings of the Daughter

Initial Words                                                                Title

1 Upon the Heaven are these words inscribed, … The Pillar of Light.
2 My children, whose souls are My sisters, I shall speak to you … The Secret of The World.
3 Earth moves, but Heaven is still. … The Clew of The Horse.
4 From the branch of a tree Inanna plucked an apple … The Sermon of the Apple-Seed
5 My children, even as your souls are at once whole … The Three Loves
6 Unless your souls be simple … The Way of Simplicity
7 I am sent of My Mother to bring you … The Light.
8 Place wholly your trust in the Spirit … The Heart of Water.
9 Thoughts of the Mind … Thoughts of the Mind
10 Offer Me not the sacrifice of blood … The Veil of Matter
11 Take heart, My children, … On Our Mother’s Love
12 Know your own heart and … The Temple of The Heart
13 You that are weary The Mantle
14 A maiden spoke to Inanna … The Foolish Maiden
14 Cry Madria ! Mother ! … The Single Truth
15 A little child ran into the arms of the Daughter of Light, … The Child

The titles are not printed with the Teachings as they are
used for convenience and the Teachings must be kept
in their original form with nothing added or taken away,
for they are sacred texts, not any one person’s authorship.

Between the ruled lines are the original document. I have added the numbers.

Madria (Mother Priestess) Sophia of the Sophian Dèanic Order of Kore Di-Jana aka Janite Order of Priestesses (J.O.P.)