Tracing the Fora

The Fora is an equi-distant solar cross whose vertical and horizontal rays extend beyond the circle. It is the main symbol of our Faith.

In our Faith, the word Fora is not the Latin plural for forum, but rather is a word from our heritage meaning foundation, fundamental and fundamental form or pattern. It also indicates the fundamental or foundational Principle of the Cosmos.

To Trace the Fora upon yourself:

With your right hand, fold the pinky and ring fingers down while crossing the thumb over them. Your fore and middle fingers remain upright (this is the Blessing Hand).

Tracing the Fora (Solar Cross) upon yourself:

1. on the diagram
Touch forehead and extend the ray down to your solar plexus and say: In the Name of the Mother.
Symbolizing the Celestial Mother as being Transcendent.


Touch right shoulder and extend the ray to the left shoulder and say: and of the Daughter.
Symbolizing the Immanence of the Holy Daughter.

Draw a small circle in the air slightly over chest and say: and of the Great Mother.
This symbolizes the Great Mother as the Still Centre of All Being.

Place right hand on heart and say: Blessed is She.


golden celtic cross