Weekly Prayer List

Columbadi, 2nd of Maia


O, Agia Sushuri Grace, be with us.

If you or a loved one is in need of prayer, our contact info may be found at the end of this post.  You or your loved one will be remembered in prayer, our liturgy and during our Rite of Veneration.

We pray :

For the highest good of R.

For the continued employment of S.

For the comfort and healing of Aidan.

For the strength and healing of Sorella Minna.

For the healing of Gregg.

For the healing and peace of M and G.

For the help and healing of Marshall.

For the strength of Alix.

For the healing and comfort of Janelle D., and her companion, Miss Kitty.

For the healing of Kat.

For the comfort and protection of Tess.

For the continual blessing and protection of the Ekklesia of Déa.

O, Most Holy Dea, Mother, Daughter and Great Mother, have mercy upon these, Your souls and may they attain mental, physical and spiritual health. May those who have passed beyond the Veil be assumed, through Your Holy Daughter, unto Perfect Union with You. Through the Pure Stream of Your Grace, may all events unfold for their highest good and according to their True Soul Path. Amadéa.

Let us bless the Holy One,

Blessed is She.

Let us thank the Seven Janae of Power,

Thanks be to the Seven Janae.

(For additions either first name or initial for yourself (anonymous if you wish) or others, pets included, please email Madria (Mother Priest) Sophia at maidsophiawelsh@gmail.com)