What She is Not ?

Déa (Mother God Supreme) is not…

(pronounced day-ah)

Déa is not a personification of the Earth (Earth is a creation of Déa, therefore, to be revered as a ‘sibling’).

Déa is not a ‘stellar’, ‘solar’ or ‘lunar deity’ (these are created physical symbols/reflections of Her power which point us as humans to a greater understanding of Déa).

Déa is not ‘the psychological goddess that lives inside every woman’

Déa is not symbolic of the stages of womanhood; ‘the maiden, mother and elder woman’ of paganism.

Déa is not a goddess with whom we work or perform spells.

Déa is not a female mammal.

Why don’t we use the word “crone” to refer to Déa beyond form (Great Mother)?

Crone: What does this word really mean?

Crone is not a feminine version of Chronos meaning Time
Crone is not a feminine version of Corona meaning Crown

Crone: is actually a feminine version of Carogne meaning Corpse
There are no positive or flattering connotations to this title.
It is an altogether negative and insulting term.


late 14c., from Anglo-Fr. carogne, from O.N.Fr. carogne, term of abuse for a cantankerous or withered woman, lit. “carrion,” from V.L. *caronia (see carrion).


early 13c., carione, from Anglo-Fr. carogne (O.N.Fr. caroigne; O.Fr. charogne, 12c., “carrion, corpse,” Mod.Fr. charogne), from V.L. *caronia “carcass” (cf. It. carogna, Sp. carroña “carrion”), from L. caro “meat” (see carnage )

Research by ArchMatrona (High Priestess) Ghrain founder of The Lady of Light Chantry (The LLC), A Deanic Matronite Harmonium (Lucienne Tradition).