Amadea, Correction on Translation

Foradi/11 Flora


by SorellaRoselyn

Just to clarify; Amadéa loosely translates to ‘To Love Déa’, not ‘Beloved of Déa’. This is why it’s used as simple end to a prayer or just a quick form of praise to Déa.



Happy Floralia!!!!

Columbadi/10 Flora

Today is Floralia, also known as Flori-Maia, the Feast of Flowers. This is one of the (many) things I love about our religion….that we have a feast day which expresses appreciation to Dea for her bounteous gift of varied-hued flowers.

Though not mandatory, Madria Sophia has provided us with inspiring readings for this day in our previous post, Floralia, Feast of Flowers for those who would like to celebrate the RoS in Thanksgiving for flowers.

Image result for the Ghost OrchidGhost Orchid

Amazingly, there are over 400,000 known flower species in the entire world! The Ghost Orchid is said to be one of the rarest. There are about 2,000 of them which grow in South Florida. They may also be found in Cuba and the Bahamas.  These  elusive flowers only bloom about one or two weeks out of the year. Poachers are one of the problems which endanger this delicate plant, but thanks to scientists in Florida, they are successfully restoring these ‘frog-like’ plants to the wild.


The Kadupul flower of Sri Lanka is so rare, it is literally priceless. It blooms only at night, surviving just a few short hours. They are known for their exotic scent.

Image result for pansies

Even the most common of plants can fill our memories with those we love or remind us of happy times. The humble pansy has always been one of my favorites because my grandmother’s garden was never without them raising their cheerful faces to the sky.

One of the best ways to express our appreciation for flowers is to learn about endangered wildflowers and plants. There are currently almost 10,000 species on the endangered list. Other studies show that 22 % of known plant species are endangered. Plants are the basis of all life on Earth. And everything that we need for our health….all medicines that we need are provided by Dea here on Earth, especially in the Amazon rain forest which continues to be clear cut. In fact, since 1978, almost 300,000 square miles of rain forest have been destroyed.

For info on the rain forest:

For info on endangered plant species:

How can you help in your area. Here is an example from my own state of Massachusetts:

And to help protect all endangered species in your area:

Tess Whitehurst-Magical and Metaphysical Properties of Flowers

Each flower, as with everything in the Cosmos, has it’s own vibration. And each are associated with certain things. Here are two sources, one from the Victorian era and one from the modern era, on the secret language of flowers and their magick: and

Related image

So, for those of us who will be offering the RoS in appreciation for the bountiful gift of flowers which grace our amazing planet, let us also say a prayer that we may all learn how to protect those species that are in danger of becoming extinct.

artwork by Sulamith Wulfing:

“And as She walked, the children of the Earth threw blossoms before Her, and though Her feet rested on them, yet, they were not bruised. 2 And She reigned over all the Earth, bringing all Nature back to life and all life back to the true law and rhythm of Nature.  And the whole world knew Her as its Princess.” The Mythos of the Divine Maid, Chapter VII, verses 1-2 (SMR edition).


10 Flora / May 25: Floralia. The Feast of Flowers

(Please see previous Bits and Pieces).

This is an optional Rite of Sacrifice (Offering) for clergy and devotees.

Preparation, Altar Set-up and Ritual

What this ritual is all about

Mother of All, Who brings forth the bounteous fruits and flowers,
Who anchors the eternal world in our own, Your grace enriches us. **

The candles on the altar (which should be object blessed *) and the veil/hat that we wear during formal prayer and ritual should be pink and green. (Keep in mind, the liturgical colors are the colors of the robes of the Janae. These are colors that are symbolic of Who They Are in Their Spiritual Essence.) The Floralia altar cloth is the elemental seasonal color of blue. This can be a doily,
hankey/handkerchief, tablecloth. (Which should be object blessed *). Flowers can be pink flowers and green foliage or seasonal flowers.

** extract from Orphic Hymn to Gaia, Translated by Virginia Stewart.

For those who wear the Sacred Symbol pendant of the Season, it is, the Dove.

Madrinas and Priestesses will accent their white dresses/robes with accessories (shawl or scarf) in the liturgical colors of pink and green.

The suggested scripture reading is:

The Teachings of God the Daughter, 1 Teachings, Chapter 8, The Secret of the World, verses 21 – 22

21). Come to Me, My children, in the innocence of your hearts, and look upon the beauty of the world; for every thing reflects the glory of Déa. 22). See the world not through the eyes of the world, but through the eyes of the Eternal.

Free download:

(with thanks to the Madrian, independent Déanic & Filianic contributors and editor Mr Race MoChridhe)

November 2017
The Filianic Scriptures, The Eastminster Critical Edition of the Clear Recital
Version: ECE 3rd Edition

Bits and Pieces

Pomedi/9 Flora

Recent Ecumenical Talks

There is so much happening behind the scenes it is so exciting! Through ecumenical talks, we have come to virtually a complete accord within the community. More to come in the near future, but for now, our catechism has been largely restored to its original. The only exceptions being that we added a question about the Janae and a couple of questions (that do not appear in the Filianic edition of the catechism) have been eliminated for the time being, until the talks are complete. We have also restored the Creed, although we have retained one or two elements from the long-form along with our stanza on the Janae.

This accord has largely come about due to a past clarification on both Original Sin and a recent clarification (well, I discovered it only recently) on the Death of the Holy Daughter by the Chapel of Our Mother God, taken together with recent discussions that I have had with two members of our greater community.

This Filianic clarification on the Death of the Daughter, with which we are in complete agreement because these have always been our own teachings, as well, has made all the difference for Janites, as far as our place in the community is concerned. And we are very edified and grateful for this clarification.

And when we speak of the death of the Daughter, we must understand that we are dealing with a highly complex subject. It is not possible for the Daughter to cease to exist (although in a certain symbolic sense the Filianists regard the Hiatus — the day between the years, after the Sacrifice of the Daughter and before Her resurrection at the new year — as a time when She is not); but then it is not possible for any soul to cease to exist. Death is the transition from one state to another, and for the Divinity to enter death is for Her to enter the world of transition — to be bound to samsara, the turning wheel of Werde — descending from the realm of Pure Being to that of becoming.

Thealogically it may be expressed in the form that since the Mother, who is Pure Being, is life itself, separation from Her is death.

Feast of Flowers

Tomorrow is the beautiful festival of Flowers, called Floralia in the Janite Tradition after the ancient Roman festival (which, unfortunately, eventually became a bit debauched. But that was not how it was when it originated.) It is also known, in our religion, as Flori-Maia. The Rite of Sacrifice or the Liturgy is not mandatory. But, for those who wish to offer the RoS, Madria Sophia will be offering some lovely ideas for scriptures and prayers.

Sophian connection to Madrian Daughter God:

We have been told, by sources that will remain un-named, that the Madrian Inanna Is equivalent to the Gnostic Aeon named Sophia. This is in addition to the fact that Sophia is Living Stream.

Sophian Poem as found in an issue of the Madrian Magazine, The Coming Age:

Sophia has come :-

Hear the words

She uttered as I knelt before Her

Heedless of the storm and drowning rain :

“You have seen the curve of a rainbow –

I am come to complete the circle

And bring you joy”…

I have lain under my new colours

And bathed in their radiant fullness

While She smiled above me,

Her hand upraised in haunting peace.

Chaste Her mind, Her heart, Her soul,

For friends She has the creatures of the field…

Her peace guards the autumn winds from harm

And lingers softly in the green spring rain.

One look from Her clear-eyed Truth

And the sullen run like stags

Gladdened by the sunlight on a mountain range…

sent in and printed on page 2 of The Coming Age periodical, issue 3, Summer, 1977 (spelling corrected).   Thanks to the research of Madria Sophia.

This poem, especially the quote, remind me so much of other apparitions of Sophia that have occurred, including to well known Russian mystics. Unlike the majority of Marian apparitions in which Mary gives very long-Catholic Church oriented speeches (which, many suspect were words coming from the Church authorities rather than the actual visionaries), and usually, Her visions are very closely tied with Sophia’s connection to Nature.

The Ground of All Being

The First Mystery in our religion is known in Janite Tradition as ‘Terram’ which means earth or land. The Mystery itself is Our Lady as the Ground of All Being. Some have taught that the Ground of All Being is Absolute Deity, but the Madrian Catechism states that it is the Celestial Mother Who is the Ground of All Being. Under Chapter II, question 11: “Who is our Celestial Mother?

Answer: The Mother is the Creator (Creatrix) of the world and the Ground of All Being.

Janites understand Absolute Deity to be the Source of All Being. We agree with the Madrian teaching that it is the Celestial Mother Who is the Creatrix and Ground of All Being. Therefore, the Sacred Season of Fall and the First Mystery rightly belongs to the Celestial Mother. In Filianism, the Wheel of the Year is divided into two halves, the Daughter half of the year which begins with Nativity and ends the day before Rosa Mundi. And the Mother half of the year which begins on Rosa Mundi and ends the day before Nativity.

Janites divide it up slightly differently. We begin the Daughter half of the year with the first day of Astrea and it ends on the last day of Flora. The Mother half of the year begins on the first day of Rosa and ends on the last day of Samhain. However, the in-between time of Moura, we consider to be the time of the Great Mother, although it is also the time of the Passion of the Holy Daughter.

The crux of the matter being that the Sacred Season of Autumn or Fall is the Time of the Celestial Mother. She is the Apple of Wisdom.

1920’s Madrians? A call for information. 

And, finally, I think it’s time we make public what some of us have been discussing privately. In the beginnings of Madrianism, it was stated that the Madrian religion came out of Traditional Households and that this was begun in the latter 1920’s.

Interestingly enough, a few short years ago, I had discovered a wiki article about various Madrian Households through-out England and along the Rhine area, if I remember correctly. About a year later, I was searching for that article and it disappeared. It was very short. Just a paragraph or two. No details.

It is said that the first Madrians practiced under the guise of Traditional Catholicism and that it began with eleven women, shortly before WWI, who saw a vision of Our Lady. When I first heard this, as a former Traditional Catholic, myself, a TON of stuff about the Madrians finally made sense. But, that is a matter for another time. It is our understanding that the religion, as it has been handed down to us, is not quite the same as that of the earlier, Traditional Madrian households, if they existed. But, it took its inspiration from them.

We, all of us, truly want to learn the truth of the origins of our beautiful religion and so we are putting out a call:  if you or anyone you know has information about the earlier Madrians, the Traditional Households, (if they indeed existed), please get in touch with us. My own email is I am Candra Sophia. Thank you.

After our feast day, we will resume our series on Holy Sophia and the Clear Recital.


And finally, and perhaps, appropriately, Sorella Roselyn has introduced an intimate ending to prayer for private use. Amadea. It means, beloved of Dea or… I am beloved of Dea. 

Hail, Zoe, Fountain of Grace, Glory Be to Thee.

Blessed art Thou, O, Queen of Heaven and

Blessed is Thy Beloved Mother.

Holy Dea, Daughter God, bless us, Thy children, now and unto the ages of ages.


(copyright Janite Ekklesia.)

ArchMadria Sophia Candra

Rite of Sacrifice in Memory of Madria Olga Lotar, Madrian priestess on 8 Flora / May 23

The Rite of Sacrifice (Offering) may be offered in her memory by clergy and devotees.

Preparation, Altar Set-up and Ritual

What this ritual is all about

O, Veiled Cosmic Origin, You Who are the Great Life, Source and Force,
inspire us with Your Wisdom.

Seasonal and Liturgical Altar Setup:

Use the Spiritual colors of violet and white
The candles on the altar (which should be object blessed *) and the veil/hat that we wear during formal prayer and ritual should be spiritual white. The Memorial altar cloth is the spiritual color of violet. This can be a doily, hankey/handkerchief, tablecloth. (Which should be object blessed *).
Seasonal flowers.

For those who wear the Sacred Symbol in memory of Madria Olga Lotar, it is, the Rose.

Madrinas and Priestesses will accent their white dresses/robes with accessories (shawl or scarf) in the spiritual color of violet.

The suggested scripture reading is the prayer Those We Love Must Someday Pass

Those we love must someday
pass beyond our present sight…
Must leave us and the world
we know without their radiant light.
But we know that like a candle
their lovely light will surely shine
to brighten up another place
more perfect… more divine.
And in the realm of Avala where
they shine so warm and bright.
Our loved ones live forevermore
in Déa’s eternal light.

I would also include the prayer that Madria Olga Lotar composed:

Salve, Magna Mater

Madria Dea, Mother of all beings, fill my heart completely.
Grant me, Your child,
love and truth, joy and abundance, wisdom and devotion.

I offer You my loving care, all of my happiness and all of my suffering, 
for all who are born of You, and all Your children of Ekklesia.

Most tender Madria Dea, Great Mother, my loving Mother,
You are Mother of all beings, Magna Mater, the Mother of All.

Salve, Magna Mater

(Madria Sophia)

Memory of Madria Olga

Stelladi/8 Flora

O, Agia Sage, be with us.

Today is we celebrate the life of Madria Olga Lotar of beloved memory.

Madria Olga Lotar became a Madrian priestess through Charisma. According to the full Madrian catechism, a female may become a Madrian priestess through either Initiation or Charisma. (Charisma is not generally recognized for Janite priestesses unless there are extraordinary circumstances which are approved by the Prima Madria.)

Madria Olga founded her own Madrian Order and went on to teach many students over the years, both female and male. She was an inspiration to all of us, to both those who knew her and those of us who only know of her.

To this day, those who were her students or her friends remember her with great respect and with great appreciation for her selfless, humble and tireless work in teaching others the Madrian religion.

For those who wish, a Rite of Sacrifice may be offered in her memory.

May she rest in Avala.

May the Gentle Light shine upon her.

May her memory be eternal.

Why the Janite Expressed Order of the Trinity?

Lundadi/6 Flora

We are sometimes asked why Janites always express the order of the Divine Feminine Trinity as Mother, Daughter and Great Mother. Especially where most Neo-Pagans and Goddessians usually place the order of the Triple Goddess as Maiden, Mother and Grandmother. (We don’t use what we consider the derogatory term of crone.)

ArchMatrona Georgia E. B. Cobb of the Lady of Light Chantry was kind enough to offer the following Janite and Lucienne teaching:

The order of 1. Dea Mother (Sun), 2. Dea Daughter (Moon) and 3. Dea Great Mother (Saturn/Stars) is used because it represents 1. Creation (Beginning-Light-Sky-Above-Heaven), 2. Sustenance (Middle-Love-Land-Across-Earth) and 3. Renewal (Old Ending/New Beginning-Life-Sea-Beneath-Underworld) of our cyclical, seasonal existence, as we know and experience it, in time and space [ex. the creation week begins with Sunday, continues with Monday and ends with Saturday].  We are aware, of course, that, outside of time and space, on the spiritual plane, the order is 1. Great Mother (Life-Saturday-Saturn/Stars), 2. Mother (Light-Sunday-Sun) and 3. Daughter (Love-Monday-Moon).  Remember this, the next time you celebrate a three day, holiday weekend [ex: the upcoming Memorial Day weekend = Saturday-Sunday-Monday].   Rt. Rev. Georgia E. B. Cobb.

And this ties in very nicely for Janites as we observe the ‘Trinity’ days of Foradi/Sat, in honor of the Great Mother, Sunnadi/Sunday, in honor of the Celestial Mother and Lunadi/Monday, in honor of the Holy Daughter as holy days whereby the Great Liturgy is offered according to Season.

We thank ArchMatrona for this information.