Added The Teachings of the Daughter: The Clew of the Horse +OM. OL

Dear friends and devotees,
With the assistance of others, I am slowly updating information and pages on the Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia blog.

The Teachings of the Daughter: Chapter 3 The Clew of the Horse from +OM. (Fora & Madria – Mother Priestess) OL (Olga Lotar).

May Déa bless you. Blessed is She.
Madria Sophia


Added The Teachings of the Daughter: The Pillar of Light +OM. OL

Dear friends and devotees,
With the assistance of others, I am slowly updating information and pages on the Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia blog.

The Teachings of the Daughter: Chapter 2 The Pillar of Light from +OM. (Fora & Madria – Mother Priestess) OL (Olga Lotar).

May Déa bless you. Blessed is She.
Madria Sophia

Updating Pages on

Dear friends and devotees,
With the assistance of others, I am slowly updating information and pages on the Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia blog.

The Sophian Déanic Order of Kore Di-Jana (Janites) differs from other soul paths / traditions in our Scriptural perspective.

Links to obtain various editions of Scripture.

The Teachings of The Daughter

Titles for The Teachings of The Daughter transmitted by Madria Olga Lotar

The Teachings of the Daughter: The Pillar of Light with Glossaries transmitted by Madria Olga Lotar

May Déa bless you. Blessed is She.
Madria Sophia


With prayers and time I am slowly healing

To friends and devotees,
With heartfelt thanks for your emails expressing such kind concern and prayers.
With such a loving community of faith and with the unconditional love and compassion of Déa and Her Janae, I am slowly healing from this Summer’s traumas and easing myself back into public life. (Please do not ask as have a tendency to relapse into ill health again) .
Please be patient,

May Déa bless each and every one of you. Blessed is She.
Madria Sophia


Our Heavenly Mother, Mari

Dear Friends,

The following has been re-posted from… a blog for those who also believe in the Father and the Son and is still very much under construction.

I thought this might be helpful for those new to the Janite Tradition and for ‘oldies’, I included a personal story which I hope that others find inspirational.

The post has been slightly edited for Many blessings.


For our subscribers: many of you will already be familiar with the fundamental basics of the Divine Feminine Sophian Trinity. Thank you for your patience as we continue to present the basics of the Reginite Sophian Faith. Near the end is a story of how Our Lady once helped me in my time of need.

Reginites believe in the Divine Feminine Trinity. There are many Christians and Sophians who believe that She is Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul as taught by Robert Powell and others. (1) We know Her as Mother, Daughter and Great Mother as interpreted from certain Gnostic texts. And though we share many basic beliefs as the pre-Christian Gnostics, we are not Gnostic, per se.

We believe in Divine Emanation theology. This means that for us, the Great Mother, the Monas, is Absolute Deity, the Origin of Origins, the One Source from Whom emanates the Heavenly Mother and the True Father. We believe that from the Mother emanates the Holy Daughter and that from the True Father emanates the Divine Son.

We refer to the Divine Feminine Trinity as Dea in each of Her Forms. For example, Our Heavenly Mother is known as Dea Madria, which means Mother God. The Holy Daughter is Dea Filia, or Daughter God. Dea, pronounced Day-a is the feminine word for God. Deus is the masculine form. We never used the word, goddess, to refer to Our Heavenly Mother because the meaning behind goddess is quite different from the meaning of God in our modern era.

Though She is known as Aletheia and Pistis Sophia, we call Her Mari, which means Mother Sea. It has been said that this is the oldest known goddess name in the world. Indeed, there is an ancient town in Syria named after this ancient goddess. Mari is also the same name by which the 12th-14th century Cathars knew the Heavenly Mother. It is the Name for Our Lady that has been handed down to us.

Though Dea Mari is not Mary, the Mother of Jesus, there are times when we might use certain Marian images for Her, albeit rarely. The above icon, Our Lady of Protection by iconographer, Valentina Murenkova, is one of my favorites. She holds a banner with the Fora imprinted on it! The Fora, for Reginites and for our sisters and brothers in the Deanic community, is a equi-distant solar cross where the rays extend beyond the circle. This symbol has much significance for us and is one of the five main Sacred Symbols of our religious Tradition.

Where there is a tradition in Russian Orthodoxy, that Mary was Holy Sophia incarnate, we are not necessarily taking liberties by using certain Marian icons to represent Our Heavenly Mother, Mari Sophia.

High quality prints of Sophia as the Holy Spirit, by Hrana Janto may be found here:

We believe that Our Heavenly Mother is Transcendent; She is the Supernal Sun. Pre-Christian Gnostic texts referred to Sophia as the Creatrix and Mother of the Universe.

She is Our Mother is a deeply personal way. She is always beside us; She is always aware of us; She resides in the Inner Temple of our hearts. She hears our cries and shares with us our joys. There is a bond of love that is incredible.

There are so many times when She has come to my aide in the most miraculous of ways.

One time, not too long ago, my eldest son was in a serious ATV accident. As a result, he was in danger of losing his leg. I prayed the rosary each day. I fell asleep with the Hail, Mari on my lips. I woke up in the middle of the night still, automatically praying the Hail, Mari. The next day, we discovered that they would be able to save my son’s leg. Praise Dea! But, the most amazing thing was what my son related to me. My son is not religious….at all, which makes the story even more credible. At the same time that I woke up with the Hail, Mari still on my lips… I must have been praying it constantly in my sleep, my son woke up in his hospital bed. He said that his room was full of incense and light and he connected it to me. He experienced something very powerful. I was in profound awe when I heard his story.

Time and time and time, again, through-out my life, Our Lady has come to my aide in a powerful way.

Allow Her to live your daily life along-side of you. All you have to do is tell Her that you love Her and wish to come to know Her. She will be there for you. You may also consecrate your life to Her.

Here is a prayer from our Noon-tide Rite (from the Madrian):

Canticle of the Supernal Sun

There is no thing fairer on the Earth than She,

Nor any thing upon the Heaven, fairer.

Before Her splendour, does the noon-day Sun burn as the dying embers of a fire.

Madria Dea, does not Thy Spirit breathe in all created things?

Is not all darkness scattered by Thy Fire?

And but for Thee, would not all the cosmos decompose? Would not the black abyss of chaos swallow all?

And as Thine universal music reins the furthest spheres, so does it tune the beating of my heart. For as the running doe longs for the cooling streams, so is my soul athirst for Thy dear Grace; and as long as hunger brings the limbs to weakness, trembles my souls for confluence with Thee.

Have pity on my soul and end its trembling. Fill it with the good nourishment of Thy love. For there is no thing other than will cool its fever and there is no way other it shall find content.

O, let my soul be chastened by its suffering. O, let it care no longer for its pride; O, let it cry to Thee in childlike trustfulness; let it be humbled in Thy gentle Light.

Of mine own self, I can accomplish nothing;

only so far as Thou art acting through me.

How dull my soul is, like the ashes of a fire;

but, pierced through with Thine eternal rays,

is it not radiant as the noon-day sun?

There is no thing fairer on the Earth than Thee,

nor any thing upon the Heaven fairer.

May Our Lady bless you,

blessed is She.

Rev. Pamela Lanides




Deanic Tree of Life

Archmatrona Georgia Cobb has produced a Deanic edition of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is Universal and has been interpreted in different ways. The Jewish Kabbalistic Tree of life being, perhaps, the most familiar. However, there are Christian versions of the Tree of Life, Gnostic versions, Planetary versions, etc. So, it is wonderful to have a mystical Tree of Life for the Divine Feminine Trinity and the Janae.


Please see:

May Our Lady Bless you,

Blessed is She.



Feast of Divine Order

Dear Devotees,

Archmatrona Ghrian, of the Lady of Light Chantry, has posted a very interesting article on the LLC’s Sister Feast Days of Divine Compassion, Divine Valor, Divine Wisdom and the recent Divine Order. So appropriate for the Time of Madria Thema/Lady Cosima.

She also presents a Divine Feminine form of Micha-elmas, which is Micha-elah-mas. in honor of Lady Cosima. She relates the tradition of the Dragon of Chaos and includes a delightful recipe for Dragon Maiden Bread. Please see: